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9th Oct 2002, 15:33
More pics on my website: www.geocities.com/caradavin/pics.html

Check em out.

12th Oct 2002, 15:32
Quit tip, if you put "http://" in front of the "www." part, then other forum members can simply click on the link:

Also, it might help to add an index.html file to your website.

13th Oct 2002, 22:17
I like the Dining Hall :)
...needs a few more decorations in my opinion though. ;)

14th Oct 2002, 03:20
I totally appreciate the helpful comments. The more I get, the more I can improve my level. Thank you

3rd Mar 2003, 05:17
the page has been updated. www.geocities.com/caradavin/pics.html

3rd Mar 2003, 08:58
Nice screenshots! They look very inviting for a lucrative visit :D

I agree with RicknMel. If you've still got enough objects left to place in the mission, put some more decoration into the rooms.
And try to include falling snow for the outside (and some light fog if you like). This can add a lot to the atmosphere of a mission.

Keep up the good work!