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8th Oct 2002, 23:03
Do you think that, in either BO3 or SR3, that Kain/Raz should meet Kain when he was still alive? We already saw Raziel during his life, and it was an experience. What about meeting living Kain? Perhaps at the court of King Otmarr? Or at his own court in Coorhagen? Or wandering about? What if it is (vampire) Kain or Raziel that gives the wandering (human) Kain the advice "Are you looking for a tavern, stranger? There is one not far from here, with ale that will sooth your tired bones..."
Also, has anyone else noticed that Kain had a very strong green tint in BO1, and still has it in the SR games, but he is white as a ghost in BO2? Hmm...

Angel of Music
8th Oct 2002, 23:09
That would be some ungodly sweet irony, the kind Kain has such an affinity for. The thought makes me grin. But that wouldn't suit Raziel's purposes at all. But then again, Raziel does't have much of a purpose anymore. His entire notion of himself has been thoroughly shattered here lately. But Kain..........that would be funny.

9th Oct 2002, 03:20
I would like to see that too!!!

9th Oct 2002, 05:17
It wouldn't make any sense for Kain to meet his human self. In Soul Reaver 2, it was all about character development. It allowed Raziel to see the true face of the Sarafan and embrace what he had become. In the end, Soul Reaver 2 seemed to be all about Raziel finding out who his true friends and enemies are. In the first Soul Reaver, he was just blindly seeking revenge, but now his eyes are open. Just like with Kain towards the end of Blood Omen.

9th Oct 2002, 06:24
Ok, so maybe it wouldn't make sense. Maybe they could come up with a way to make that scenario fit somewhere. Either way, I do think it would be kind of nifty. :cool:


14th Oct 2002, 20:20
hello...long time no see...I am sky28...since my old nick is ....aaaa...locked or something ( I cannot post)...I will use this one
What I am interested is the time when all the sarafan were infestated...I suppose that game ( with traveling in time)...will be more atractive(anyway is the best game I have ever seen)...also...when two brothers of Raziel throw him into the abis ...those moments I think should be "alive" in game....maybe I'm wrong...but one thing I love in those games is the story....(man!...the one who wrote this story is great!)....
what you people think about this?
See ya!

15th Oct 2002, 06:08
Uhm... Yes, that is the reason anyone plays the Legacy of Kain series. For the story. LOL.
Besides, this thread in particular is about *that* situation. But it would really be pointless to actually see Raziel get damned. I gave the Kain idea because it is plausible and HIGHLY ironic (thus something the LoK series do).