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8th Oct 2002, 22:03
I love this game and I've made it to the third level in india. The only problem is that every level always degenerate into a blast fest for me. Sneaking up on people in this game is just impossible it seems. Whenever I get a disguise they always see through it and killing people with a silenced weapon is a pain because someone always sees it or hears it. Does any one have any tips on sneaking around and blending in. Any help would be appreciated until an invisibility code is (hopefully!) released.

8th Oct 2002, 22:32
Like with any good sneaker (Thief, Deus Ex, NOLF, etc.), line-of-sight is very important. Now, I haven't received my full copy of the game yet (bounce bounce bounce), but if the demo can be any indicator, imagine a semi-circle of about 180 degrees in front of the NPC. And their field of vision seems to be about 40 yards or so (note: for you metric types, you're out of luck. Call it, um, 2138 quadrilitres or 3.8 hectacres or 29 decibels or whatever).

Also, running or crouching when NPCs can see you = bad. That'll get their attention.

So, we've got this semi-circle in front of every NPC, that runs about, oh, 40 yards or so. Simple rule = don't be there.

Obviously (at least, I THINK obviously) there will be some missions where you can walk around on the street with no one bothering you (that IS true, isn't it? Tell me it's true.) An example from game 1 would be any of the Hong Kong missions, Traditions of the Trade, etc. Now, this is all a guess (I'll edit this again once I get the actual game and have a better idea) but for those areas, just don't do anything suspicious. Always holster your weapons, don't crouch, and don't run. Play it cool.

For areas such as the mafia compound in the demo, try to stay far away from people, or behind them. An example would be: The best way into the compound was by the door with the peeing guard. Move down the hill and to the right of the door, behind that little ledge. Guard comes out, turns right (away from you), never sees you, attends to his business, and you sneak in the door with his back to you all the while.

So, stay out of site, but don't do supicious things when in disguise or walking around "safe" areas. Hope that helps.

8th Oct 2002, 22:39
Saba's Words of Wisdom:

Don't run up behind people with your fiber wire--they'll most certainly turn around.

Keep your weapons holstered, keep your distance, and do not run in a stolen outfit. Chances are you'll get detected.

Before every mission, I suggest you consult your map and figure out possible entry points into the compound.

If you can't beat the mission one way, try something else.

Finally try to familiarize yourself with the guard routines. Remember, in 47's own words, every chain has its weakest link. Your job is to find that link and take advantage of it.

12th Oct 2002, 05:38
Originally posted by Saba
Remember, in 47's own words, every chain has its weakest link. Your job is to find that link and take advantage of it. [/B]

I believe a more accurate quote is, "Even the strongest chain has a weak link..."

I got to play it again anyway

Anyway, my words of wisdom would be, if theyre out there looking for you no matter what youre wearing, stay out of their sight period! If disguises can fool em, you can get wake in front of them as long it's not too close. And if you're sure his route is his own and none other, kill him quickly and quietly.