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THE True Lara
8th Oct 2002, 19:29
Brand New STAR TREK Experience Hits London's Historic Hyde Park This December
Posted: TrekWeb (http://trekweb.com/), 09:59:43 on September 27 2002
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: General Star Trek

UK fans will have the opportunity to experience an all-new STAR TREK experience beginning this December at London's Hyde Park. STAR TREK - THE ADVENTURE will debut on December 6th and run through January 31st, 2003, featuring 7,000 square meters of interactive TREK exhibits and attractions.

Among the features at the show will be sets from STAR TREK NEMESIS, which hits UK theaters January 3rd, the Enterprise 'bridge experience', flight simulators, TREK Trivia, a three-story replica of Quark's Bar from DEEP SPACE NINE and a first-ever look at the Armory set from ENTERPRISE.

Production designer Herman Zimmerman will guide visitors through an alien makeup exhibit, archival interview footage will pay homage to creator Gene Roddenberry, STAR TREK episodes will be screened in an on-site movie theater and fans can even indulge in a turbo-lift recreation.

The event, described as the "ultimate Fan Fair" experience, will take place in London's Hyde Park and will be the largest exhibition there since 1851's Great Exhibition. Organizer Martin Biallas has agreed to help restore the historic site after the event, which is expected to draw 500,000 attendees and rake in a hefty £600,000.

Tickets go on sale today at BookingDirect (http://www.bookingsdirect.com/) and you can learn more at the UK's News Telegraph. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/09/26/ntrek26.xml&sSheet=/portal/)

8th Oct 2002, 22:11
WOW TTL!!!!!!!! Sounds fantastic - thanks for the info!!!! Wonder if I could go - *runs off to beg hubby to take her to London!!!!!!!!!

John Carter
9th Oct 2002, 00:49
You know, if you ask a certain moderator (not me) to post some pictures of their own experiences as a Star Trek Experience crewmember, they might do it. ;) Or not, never know til you ask.

10th Oct 2002, 12:39
I still haven't made it out to Vegas yet. One of these days...

11th Oct 2002, 07:40
Thanks for the info, TTL!

12th Oct 2002, 12:06
thx ttl ;)

12th Oct 2002, 16:47
*Sprints out of computing room towards unsuspecting parents and explodes into begging to be taken*

I've gotta be there.
I dream about being on one of those turbo-lifts. :D:p

Isn't the Nemesis the ship that is almost identical to Voyager? I have been considering taking up a position on a virtual sim of it on Starfleet Online. :)

Gosh! I gotta go! Really I must! Thanx so much for bringing this to our attention, TTL.

Why not post this on the General Chat Forum? There are trekkies there too, probably.

THE True Lara
12th Oct 2002, 17:35
I don't venture into the general chat, but if anyone else fancies taking up the torch they're welcome.

KoolKat, my brother is an, eh hem, Admiral on several ST sims online, I'm sure if you're interested I could point you in the direction of the better ones to join.
And the Nemesis ship (I presume you mean the Enterprise E) isn't identical to Voyager, it's actually a rip off of the Intrepid. -In the same way that the 'N-erpise' NX01 is just the Akira class upside down......

and if a certain moderator is willing, pictures would be interesting.....

haven't booked my ticket yet, but I will.........

12th Oct 2002, 19:40
I'd be more than happy to carry this topic over to the other forum. :)

I'd really appreciate it if you could point me to some good ones. I thought the Nemesis was a rip-off of Voyager cos the photos shown on Star Fleet online are identical to Voyager. They must have got it mixed up.

Btw, who is the certain moderator who will show us pics if he is willing?

THE True Lara
12th Oct 2002, 20:03
I believe we're talking about Mr Goran Agar (forgive me if I'm mistaken...) ;)

As for online sims to join, my brother recommends these;-
http://www.starfleet-strikeforce.com - Starfleet Strikeforce (Medium Sized)
http://www.bravofleet.com - Bravo Fleet (Large)

and you can find lists of RPGs here;-

hope that's of some help, and you have my blessings starting this thread in the general chat :)

12th Oct 2002, 20:49
Thanx for the links.
I wouldn't mind seeing pics of Mr. Agar at all, considering he's real handsome.

It was no problem posting it over at the OT discussion, I'll post it at the Soul Reaver OT too, cos a lot of people from there don't come to these places either.


13th Oct 2002, 10:50
Originally posted by KoolKat
Thanx for the links.
I wouldn't mind seeing pics of Mr. Agar at all, considering he's real handsome.

Check out his site..;)

Sci-fi -> Pics

15th Oct 2002, 07:44
Theres a good one of him here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5953&perpage=20&pagenumber=3) too.

16th Oct 2002, 21:03
That 'girlfriend' is my wife.

16th Oct 2002, 21:32
Oh, sorry, Goran.
No offense meant. :)

Is she anyone on the forums? I bet she's a nice person. :)

THE True Lara
16th Oct 2002, 21:52
I'm guessing you haven't looked at the TR community photo's thread recently....

19th Oct 2002, 19:42
Catsuit and Ponytail???


Wow, that's great! I had no idea. How long have they been married? :)

Sorry, Goran Agar, really. I had no idea you were married. :o

THE True Lara
29th Nov 2002, 08:05
I have tickets!!!

sorry, ...just felt the need to share that :D

Humm... so now I finally have tickets and transport sorted, I wonder if I should consider imbarressing myself by dressing up for the occassion? - was thinking of going in a little blue Original Series science officers dress ;) What d'ya reckon? Anyone else going to stand out from the crowd?

29th Nov 2002, 08:43
You can only wear the outfit if you post pix afterwards......

THE True Lara
29th Nov 2002, 08:57
Why did I think I get one of those requests?

29th Nov 2002, 08:59
My long lost daughter....and I have no idea what she looks like nowadays.....

THE True Lara
29th Nov 2002, 09:10
Keeps an air of mystery I think... besides the eye patch, and wooden leg would only scare you ;)

29th Nov 2002, 09:12
You are definitely my offspring!

I airbrushed the above items out of my pic....

THE True Lara
29th Nov 2002, 13:50
You did a very good job ;)

29th Nov 2002, 14:00
Originally posted by THE True Lara

- was thinking of going in a little blue Original Series science officers dress ;)

Damnation! :o Guess I'll have to go in a TNG uniform then! :p

Or maybe the red......Like Dax.... ;)

Hmmmm or maybe a Dabo girl.....Nahhhhhh that's been done. :p

THE True Lara
29th Nov 2002, 14:13
Well red would go with your hair beautifully :)

However, I'll need to give up a few things if I intend to do the uniform justice....

THE True Lara
3rd Jan 2003, 10:14
eh hem... *clears throat whilst looking mournfully at shoes, *

...yes well, suffice to say, I went to see it on Monday.

It's rubbish.

I won't say any more, I just feel I should appologise for having bothered everyone.

All I can say is save your money. ...and while I'm here, same goes for Nemesis (saw the preview showing yesterday). Just dreadful.