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Dark Blood
8th Oct 2002, 19:08
Hey everyone,

I'm about to start writting my own mission and it will be my first. I've already talked to DMA about. I just have the basics so any suggestion for the mission itself or for how to write it would be appreciated.

the synopisis

-The Haunting-

In an ancient sector of space a lone station orbits a dead world. Seeking a challenge you claim this vessel and announce yourself stationmaster. Only after that do you finally revive the Val. Val tells you the fate of who have fallen before you. One hundred years earlier the station was activated. Shortly there after, all the visitors and employees began to fall ill. Then, as story goes, creatures from the dark came to torture and kill all who stepped foot upon this station. No one survived.

When you first claimed this station you thought you were getting a deal. Cheap to expand into sections, a few hardplans and scuzzers, but now that your crew is falling ill, you can feel the cold sweat on your neck.

There is a chance though. On the biodeck you found the remains of great Zedem Monk. His skeleton hand has written a single word . . . Ascension.


8th Oct 2002, 21:33
sounds like a really interesting concept for a mission. How'd you plan on implemting the 'station members falling sick' part?

Dark Blood
8th Oct 2002, 21:43
in honesty, not sure as I have never done this.

I know that there was someone who set a game up on an infected stataion.

I was thinking rigging it to the timer if possible:confused:

9th Oct 2002, 01:26
In Build Changers In.txt there's a line for automatic illness:

If you set it to 100.0, everyone who automatically boards your station (without the Place_Peep command) will be sick. I think they will also start with the same health as any un-infected peep, only their's will deteriorate quicker.

If you want to turn infections on and off, you'll have to write your own docking script using Place_Peep for all peeps boarding the station.

9th Oct 2002, 16:44
another thing you can do is pick a particular disease and tweak it to make it much more deadly and contagious, and then place some peeps with that
disease, who then spread it. You could also flood the base with vermin, who spread disease. A plague of space-rats would be pretty interesting actualy.

Dark Blood
9th Oct 2002, 19:15
i think i like the space vermin idea

and if i can increase the contagon, that would work perfect

9th Oct 2002, 22:08
Aaaaiiiieeee!!! Mutant Space Vermin Zombies! Quick, hand me the shotgun!

Dark Blood
10th Oct 2002, 13:10
space zombies?

thing we would skin one of the sirens to look like bruce campbell

11th Oct 2002, 15:20
:cool: I like it. It is inventive and bold (like Startopia). You should go at.:cool:

11th Oct 2002, 22:53
Who's Bruce Campbell?

Dark Blood
13th Oct 2002, 00:57
Who's Burce Campbel!
Bruce Campbel is the premier zombie killer. Star of Evil Dead 1 & 2 and Army of Darkness. He is the grand king of one-liners!
He even had a short tv show "Brisco County Jr."
Who's Burce Campbel!

sorry, don't mean to take your chops out like that, I just think the guy is funny and love to watch him. NOT THAT WAY!

13th Oct 2002, 08:53
I figured it was him. I just wasn't sure.

And for such a fan, you can't spell his name. :p

6th Nov 2002, 04:50
This sounded like a cool mission concept, get anywhere with it?

Dark Blood
6th Nov 2002, 14:49
Life got in the way so it was temp. delayed.
that and I've never done this before so it's learing by trial by error

Dark Blood
11th Nov 2002, 20:05
i have offically started the scripting and got very very very basic started. cargo, residents, and a few build changers.

I had the stupidest bugs.
First I couldn't get the collector to charge once built, fixed that.
then I wanted a few employees to board but I made an error and nothing but employees boareded and they wouldn't stop, fixed that.
now I'm having trouble getting traders and emergencies to work.

If this all sounds stupid forgive me, it's my first mod.

so bad news: read above
good news: I am working and making progress on it

12th Nov 2002, 01:25
Check out missions\00\traders.txt and missions\00\emergencies.txt for ideas. Or link directly to these files by writing this line (for example) outside of any script elements: