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8th Oct 2002, 10:50
I was just thinking about whether Raziel needs to be in the Reaver, then I thought maybe it's so the Reaver can't be used by it's enemies. As long as he is either bound to the Reaver or in the Reaver, it can not be used for any unintended purposes. If Raziel grows strong enough by the time he is trapped in it then he may be able to control it from inside it. The purpose Raziel being eternally bound to the Reaver is to give it a will of it's own. This could have been what happened with the pillars as well. As long as the antients were the guardians the pillars would serve them, but when they realised that they were dying out something had to be done to ensure that the pillars would be used for their true purpose. So the last nine antient guardians had their souls bonded to the pillars so they could choose and guide their guardians. So the antient guardians have become the pillars. This would explain why their guardianship did not sustain them. The reason Janos soul wasn't put into the Reaver would have been because the Reaver needed to be activated by Raziel whose soul would be put inside instead. I meant to say this next bit in another thread but I think the reason Raz feels displacement when two Soul Reavers come into contact is that the blade would prefere to be with the blade version of itself than with itself as Raziel. The paradox is created when two versions of Raziels soul attempt to devour each other (or when there is a chance of this happening) and if Raziels past soul is consumed by his future soul then it can never go on to become it. Raziel was chosen instead of Janos because of his soul devouring ability because it allows the above paradox to occur and allows history to be changed when necessary.

10th Oct 2002, 10:47
Thought of something else: What if Janos must stay dead so that his guardianship of the Reaver can pass on to Raziel? It may be turning against him because he is not yet the guardian. Or maybe like the balance guardian, Janos soul must be returned to the Reaver before a new guardian can be chosen.

10th Oct 2002, 19:09
Only 19 more days till GTA Vice City!!

Most of the Gaurdians are choosen at birth, so its hard for me to understand the Gaurdianship of the sword would accept Raziel since he is "alive".

Whats up with the codes bro!? Did you ever get them to work? You should of tried a one line M code I always thought that would fix the intermitent problem. =)

13th Oct 2002, 13:00
What I meant was I think the original guardians chose their own successors and then when they died, had their souls bonded to the pillars so that they would always be the ones who choose their guardians. Someone mentioned somewhere that the Reaver may not be finished so I suggested that the Reaver may not be able to choose it's own guardian because it needs Raziels soul to give it sentience. So the Reavers guardian (ie Janos) can choose his successor until the Reaver gains this ability.

I think I tried changing the master code by removing one line and changing the encryption for the other and them making the flight code the same encryption. The line I'm supposed to remove is the one that's the same as other games, right? Anyway the game either crashed or did nothing. I've just started on binary code as part of my degree. It's cool that I already know what addresses and values are, but they havn't shown me anything that could help with the codes yet. I could try and work out how to change the way it deals with negative numbers, but I'm not really good at that yet and I left my PS2 at home.