View Full Version : I can't get S&R to "take" when I create them, and then DromEd crashes!

8th Oct 2002, 05:50
I am inputting the sources for a Thief Gold lantern that will be carried by a guard, but every time I finish inputting them, it doesn't "take." If I click OK to exit, the window flashes but doesn't disappear. If I click OK again, it exits back to the object hierarchy screen but immediately gives me Dromed has caused an error in DARKDLGS.DLL. Dromed will now close.

I have tried this with different gamesys's and missions and even with a fresh install of DromEd, but it always happens!

Yet I can put S&R on a sword that I made earlier, and I can replicate that now.

Why can't I do this to my lantern?

Act/React > Sources > Add >
Object: LanternGuard (the guard who will be holding the lantern)
Stimulus: LanternStim (I created a new stim in the Stimulus root in the hierarchy like the tutorial said)
Propagator: Radius
Edit Shape>
Radius: 50
Flags: None
Dispersion: Linear
Edit Life Cycle>
Flags: No Max Firings
Period: 100
Max Firings: 1
Intensity Slope: 0
Intensity: 50

8th Oct 2002, 11:52
Did you save the gamesys and restart dromed after making the new stim(LanternStim)?

Having to close the S&R box twice is normal.

11th Oct 2002, 05:23
The S&R dialogs in Dromed have a nasty habit of erasing the object number behind your back.

Before clicking on "OK", retype the object number to be sure.

And as Salvage said, you have to already have saved the gamesys and reloaded to use a custom stim.