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8th Oct 2002, 01:22
I need help. I have 2 cogs for the machine in the "Lost Valley" in the first TR, but I can't find the third one. I'm thinking that it is across the bridge, but the bridge is broken and I am not able to get across. I tryed to do a running jump, but I keep getting killed. Can someone help me please?:( :confused:

8th Oct 2002, 01:25
your headed in the right direction, just keep trying:D
p.s. you don't need 2 threads for [1] qwestion ;) good luck with your jumping

8th Oct 2002, 01:28
>.< Grrrr...this is a very frustrating game...

8th Oct 2002, 01:32
I can't seem to reach the other side of the bridge. Is there some kind of other trick I need to do? (And I know...I forgot about that one. >.<)

8th Oct 2002, 01:38
No trick, just jump.;) Hopefully I'm not insulting your intelligence, but walk to the edge of the bridge and tap backwards. Now hold forwards and immediately press the jump button. While in the air, press and hold the action button to hang on the the ledge.
Just like in Lara's house:)

8th Oct 2002, 01:47
I know. I have been doing that for the last 10 times...I keep killing her.

8th Oct 2002, 01:49
Don't grab too early when you're in the air, otherwise Lara will miss the other side of the bridge.

10th Oct 2002, 17:33
C'mon now! That's an easy jump. You can do it.
You just need a bit of encouragement!