View Full Version : Should I play "Lord Blinchiar"? and what is it about?

Keeper Collins
8th Oct 2002, 00:34
This FM "Lord Blinchiar" sounds like a good FM. It is one of the top twenty according to the rating syestem at Thief-The Cirlce.com So I assumed it was good. But what is it about? The info on the mission at the site just says that it is a Bafford stlye manison and it also siad the story would unfold as the mission goes on. That was it and nothing more. At first glance I thought that this must be another FM were Garret "breaks in to another guarded mansion,steal another fat noblemens prized trinket and leave qiuetly." ;) However I'd like to know what I'm getting myself in to bfore i just jump in. And I saw some screenshots of undead in the mission but also shots of guards. Are there undead in this mission becuse me and huants usally don't get along to well with eachother.:D So what is this FM about and should I play it or not?

8th Oct 2002, 01:40
You should give Lord Binclair a try as I think you'll enjoy it. There are a couple of zombies and one apparition, if I recall correctly, but the undead part is very, very small and easy to get through.

Other than that, it's basically a "raid the mansion" mission, but it has some interesting secrets and it's generally fun.