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8th Oct 2002, 00:33
Multiple crashes have happened but all at relatively the same point, during the Eidos and IOI movies.
1) The most common now is the movie freezes but my mouse pointer appears and I can move it around. No keyboard commands to minimize or shut down the program work, not even ctrl-alt-del, but I can turn the locks on and off. I end up restarting my comp via the button.
2) Another crash when the movie is playing the screen freezes and nothing responds at all, no mouse, no locks. I end up restarting my comp via the button.
3) The third is where during the movie the program would shut itself down leaving my resolution in 800x600, not my desktop setting, and running another game or Hitman 2 again pops up an error with the only options, Close and Details. I end up restarting my comp via the button.

The furthest I have gotten is right after the IOI movie, by hitting ESC right when the movies loaded, but it froze like # 2 above immediately when I got to the screen with the game title on black background.

I'm running:
Win 98 2nd ed
P4 2ghz
512 RAM
GF 2 MX 400 (with latest drivers)
Creative SB Live! Value (with latest drivers)
7200 rpm 60 gig hard drive w/ over 45 gig free

I have tried the sound fixes, disabling Eax via Hitman.ini and hardware acceleration via dxdiag. Also disabled textures and lightning acceleration in the config menu. Whatever other tid bits of Hitman 2 not loading that I could find and have tried those.

I had the demo installed before I got the game and the demo ran perfectly well without having to adjust any settings. I did uninstall the demo before installing the full version.

Please help me! I'm going insane!

8th Oct 2002, 21:28
Well, I've windowed the game and in 640x480... the crashes tend to happen a short amount of time after initial startup of the game, but now I can see the Crash pop up each time and don't have to keep hitting my Reset button. I've been able to get as far as the main menu (by hitting ESC on all the movies) and select Options and whatever else, but it still ends up crashing very shortly after I get there.

I get Hitman 2 has caused an error and must shut down with:

HITMAN2 caused an invalid page fault in
module HITMAN2.EXE at 017f:00402826.
EAX=008d07cc CS=017f EIP=00402826 EFLGS=00010212
EBX=009cf048 SS=0187 ESP=008cff98 EBP=009cf058
ECX=008d07cc DS=0187 ESI=008d07cc FS=429f
EDX=00400000 ES=0187 EDI=006355a0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
56 57 68 7c 78 67 00 ff 15 40 54 6f 00 8b f0 85
Stack dump:

When I hit the Details button.

When trying to run it again after the error above before restarting I get the same error with:

HITMAN2 caused an invalid page fault in
module < unknown > at 0000:b00dc210.
EAX=ed62d000 CS=017f EIP=b00dc210 EFLGS=00010282
EBX=00000004 SS=0187 ESP=009cd5d8 EBP=009c85f2
ECX=00000aa2 DS=0187 ESI=ec5385e0 FS=0177
EDX=009cd5d0 ES=0187 EDI=ed62421f GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:

Stack dump:
00001016 00000347 0000fbbe 80996b20 01872007 d0000000 860ced62 0347104d 00000aa2 00000004 b00dc210 0000017f ec538000 2793864e 0aa20347 80000000

When I hit the Details button.

This has happened no matter if I changed the sound acceleration or any other setting that could be causing the problem. I've even fresh installed (again) and it did the same thing.

Someone please respond soon, I want to know if I have a chance or if I should just take it back.

9th Oct 2002, 00:03
I also get freezes, crashes, my friend gets crashes to desktop...

Was this game tested ??? Our machines are standard, latest-driver stuff. One's ATI Radeon 8500 with catalyst 2.3. Other is nvidia geforce4 (talk about opposite machines)

I'm not elaborating cuz I just want eidos/devs to be aware that there are crashes... My guess is that they are "working" on it... there are really a lot of reports I'm seeing all over, nothing really "in common" that i can tell yet.

10th Oct 2002, 03:17
I get freezes and crashes as well. It took three attempts to install the game, and now I can't get past the first conversation, sometimes even out of the first room!

Is anyone from Eidos going to help here?

Athlon 1300
Tyan 2390B MB
Visiontek Gforce 2 GTS 32MB Detonator 40 drivers
Soundblaster PCI 512 sound card with EAX

Any help?

10th Oct 2002, 14:22
OK, with my experience with many systems, it must have something to do with RAM, or corrupt installation files (not necessarily for the game; could be system files, driver files, etc.)
People that have trouble with games and have tried everything tend to look at their RAM chips. If you have more than 1 installed, take one out. Sometimes there's a conflict between those two or more. You could also check to see if AGP memory is being allocated for use by your video card. I remeber getting that program from the nvidia site (works on any video card however) but can't find it...sorry. My system runs Hitman 2 flawlessy so there's nothing wrong with the game. Specs: AMD Athlon 1800+, 512MB DDR RAM, Geforce4 Ti4600, 60GB HDD. The last thing I would do is format the hard drive and start anew. That should only be done by people that know how, though, as it does delete everything on the hard drive, thus causing you to reinstall everything back on it (those programs that you want to use, etc). Good luck. I'll try to find the site for the agp memory test and update.

10th Oct 2002, 14:37
If you could find it that would be great.

I'm running a fresh install, done last week from a formatted drive, so that can't be it.

10th Oct 2002, 23:00
mt_100...really? ok...i tried searching for it on google but no luck. I think someone said something about that program on the soldier of fortune 2 board. Well, I just read that you returned Hitman 2. Did you try examining your RAM? Some people that had error messages in Diablo 2 removed one stick or more and got it to run.

10th Oct 2002, 23:36

You have to go down a few versions of the VIA 4-1 Drivers and everything works great, even EAX!!!!

i was having problems with No One Lives Forever 2, same issues and the 4-1 Drivers were the culprit!

I am using version 1.38

11th Oct 2002, 00:50
Yo mt... what are those drivers for? Your sound card?

11th Oct 2002, 03:17
The VIA drivers for the MB chipset.

11th Oct 2002, 04:04
What MB chipset? VIA drivers are what?

11th Oct 2002, 05:13
He's talking about the motherboard drivers. If you mb isn't VIA then you shouldn't install those kind of drivers for it. I'm using the latest VIA 4.43 and have no problems with the game.

11th Oct 2002, 11:33
Sorry, I am using 2.44, not 1.38.

It must be something with my MB and sound and graphics combination that was fixed when I changed drivers. Not saying that everyone will get the same milleage.