View Full Version : In "A Secret Affair" were is the evidance and the tiaria?

Keeper Collins
8th Oct 2002, 00:21
I have done the mission execpt for two things. One,I can't find anything that proves Lady Barron and Lord Weston killed Lord Barron. Were is this evidince I'm sopuosed to find? And two,even though I always play on normal I like to do the expert and hard objectives. (Except for the no killing goal):p That is why i'd like to know were this Lady Barron hid her tiaria.;)

8th Oct 2002, 00:28
There's a sitting room with a painting you can frob. Behind it is a switch that opens a secret door.

The tiara is a room upstairs. There's a button behind a plant that opens a secret compartment in the side of the fireplace. I think that's where the tiara is.

You do realize that in some FMs you can't complete objectives from Hard and Expert on Normal? Why not just play on a harder setting? Most of the time on Hard, you can still kill, if that's what the problem is.

Keeper Collins
8th Oct 2002, 23:37
I'm sorry,I know that. And you're right. Me beignnot able to kill is the problem. I am so evil!:rolleyes:

9th Oct 2002, 03:49
For the secret wall that moves downstairs, you have to slash a banner to go in the room.

For the tiara upstairs, isn't that in a floor safe? If so, I thought the switch was beside the bed on the gal's side.

I think the upstairs switch under or by a plant is for the fireplace.

Did you snatch away the spider's bootie?

9th Oct 2002, 04:21
You could very well be right, Vanguard. I haven't played this one for a long time and I could be mixing it up with something else. :)