View Full Version : Mission 4 Blowing Up Wall Problem?

7th Oct 2002, 22:39
I am in Mission 4, TubeWay Torpedo and I'm at the part where I have the agent I was sent to free and I have him with me and I am at the wall that I need to blow up. This is my problem, I can't see to physically drop the mini-bomb without it blowing up on me. I take out the mini-bomb, whether I are it or not by left clicking my mouse or not, while within the zone I need to be in to drop the bomb, I press the default Drop button (G) and the bomb will explode in my face.

My ? is, how do I drop this bomb without having it explode on me?

I've tried to drop it in other parts of the map and it won't let me, whether I'm standing right next to the wall or outside in the hall, when I press drop (button G by default) the bomb kills me and the agent with me.

There must be an exact area I need to stand to drop it and I can't seem to find it.

Can someone help me please or this game was a total waste of my 50 bucks.

7th Oct 2002, 22:47
If I recall correctly, when you get near enough to the wall, an INFO thing will appear saying that you are near enough to drop the bomb. Select the mini-bomb from the "Q" menu. At this point, my memory is fuzzy. Either press the "G" button to drop the bomb where you are standing or an action pick-list appears where you select the drop action. Can't remember which.

Anyway, I drop the bomb with no problem. I walk back to the far side of the room with my friend in tow. I ready the remote and activate it. The wall is opened, and we run for the sewer exit (guards are hot on your trail).

7th Oct 2002, 22:53
That's my problem, I select the mini-bomb from the "Q" menu take the mini bomb out of my jacket, stand within the area that is "near enough to drop the bomb" and press "drop" (by default the G button) and the bomb explodes on me. An action pick list does not appear for me to choose from.

Anyone know what I'm missing?

8th Oct 2002, 01:39
I didn't have that problem, but I think I may know what it is. If you brought out the bomb earlier in the level and hit the left mouse button, it says something like 'bomb now armed'. I don't know if you can 'un-arm' it, but you might want to try that. To test this you may want to start at an early saved game and just see if the bomb explodes when you drop it (without arming it). Hope this helps.

8th Oct 2002, 04:22
Thanks, guys U are all the best. I loaded up an earlier game and played through and it worked out just fine. Thanks guys now I can go on to mission 5.

14th Oct 2002, 13:56
This level worked out pretty funny for me. I had slipped into a room in Basement level 2 where there was an officer's uniform. That was a great thing to have on. Once I killed the general all the guards came running and even after shooting three of them in the hallway and stepping out with a smoking AK the 4th guy just stood there looking at me while I lowered the bead on him and blew his brains out. ha ha Then with the rescued guy in tow I blew out the wall. We stepped out into the sewer and I pulled out my map to see where to go. Suddenly there were guys all around us running by shouting which to my surprise turned out to be guards looking for us. So I just stood still with my back to them while they all ran past. My friend and I started to the right around the walkway hugging the wall. It was pretty dark so we barely even alarmed the couple of guards we walked past. Then I waited in a little outcropping to the right back that way. Strangely enough the guards all made one circuit and went back inside leaving us all alone. We just walked right out. Very strange and not at all what I expected. I figured with all those guards at least one of them would suspect something but that officer's uniform really did the trick.