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7th Oct 2002, 16:33

I normally play games on the PS2, but I have just bought a new Laptop for work.
As I normally go on a lot of road trips I plan on buying a couple of PC games to keep me busy.

Any idea where you can buy the TR expansion packs in the UK???
I have checked a load of shops and they are not in stock anywhere (were these extensions only available as downloads?).

What else do you kind folks recommend?
I have played a demo of 'Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault' & 'Aliens Vs Predator 2'...Both of them looked rather cool. Has anybody else played these?

The system spec is:

>Sony VAIO
>512 MB of Ram
>1.8 GHz Processor
>Graphics Card = Mobility Radeon 7500

The default resolution is 1600x1200 so games which can run at that are a plus.

Blue Ones

7th Oct 2002, 16:55
MOH:AA is one of the best games I have ever played...highly recommended.

AVP 2 is great too...but possibly not for the environment you require...its more a big screen, big sound, lights out, clean pair of pants handy kinda game.

Try No-One Lives Forever....great game, longevity, humour, action and great atmos.

If you could plug your laptop into the National Grid I'd recommend Unreal Tournament 2003 too.....

7th Oct 2002, 17:00
I would like to add that screen refresh rates are a little slower on laptop screens so this may also be a factor in your choice. ;)

7th Oct 2002, 17:15
DaveJ & Data,

Thanks for the pointers.
Re: Unreal 2003

Imagine the hotel bills I could rack up if I went online to play that ;)

MOH did play like a dream so I may give that a try.
Any opther faves???

7th Oct 2002, 18:16
Are you looking specifically for 3rd or first person, or any games?

You might even try some of the older games like the original Unreal etc. as these would most certainly be running at their best on your system. ;)

Also I would suggest trying out a demo of anything you choose first to see how your display copes.

7th Oct 2002, 19:00
Neverwinter Nights
Age of Mythology (end of the month)
Unreal Tournament 3
Medal of Honor
Black and White
Drakan (original, like Tomb Raider but you ride a dragons and fight with swords, etc..)
Max Payne
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way
Divine Divinity
Mafia (If you liked GTA3 you will like this)
Stronghold: Crusader (I think its standalone)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Awsome game, good invenstment...soo much to do....)
Dungeon Siege

Heres some to get ya started lol

7th Oct 2002, 19:06
Originally posted by Mgardiner

Unreal Tournament 3

So soon?

7th Oct 2002, 19:20
err lol the new Unreal Tournament..you know lol

7th Oct 2002, 19:22
This one?

Originally posted by DaveJ

If you could plug your laptop into the National Grid I'd recommend Unreal Tournament 2003 too.....