View Full Version : Unfortunate

7th Oct 2002, 15:54
I have to assume that this will probably fall on deaf ears, but I'll try regardless. I was seriously excited about playing Hitman 2 for the Xbox. Luckily, I did my homework before I bought it... no 480p support. Sorry guys, no 480p support, no sale. For something that comes so easily on the platform, it's utterly ridiculous that it's not supported by developers.

And, to those of you who would say "just run it in 480i and stop complaining", my TV doesn't support interlaced and progressive on the same inputs, which means unplugging the console from the progressive inputs and plugging it back in to the interlaced. Not too difficult until you factor in the accessibility of the inputs... meaning "inaccessible."

Once again, inexcusable for a title that for every intent and purpose is a AAA title with Eidos' backing. It's a freebie feature! Not trying to slam the developers, but hoping to get the message out that pandering to the lowest common denominator will not win new customers.