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7th Oct 2002, 14:38
Hello :)

I want to know if my new web site for legacy of kain (legacyofkain-fr.com) can be linked in the official LOK sites ?

I would be very proud of this linking ..:)

ps : sorry for my english, i'm french :p

Power reaver
7th Oct 2002, 14:45
first I would like to say

Welcome to the Eidos Forums

Now that I have got that out of my system I would also like to say that your site is amazing , unfortunately I dont know french , so do you think you could make a english version of it with somebodies help(if needed) , also i could help you a little if you want .

BTW your english aint bad at all :D

7th Oct 2002, 14:53
Hehe thx power reaver :)

I 'll make an English version when i will have some times ;)

Power reaver
7th Oct 2002, 14:54
WOW , cant wait :D

**Runs off to tell everybody**


Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 15:04
Excellent work with flash, Redemption! It's flawless!

Would you mind if I link back to you on my upcoming fan site?

If you have a link banner, I would rather use that than a boring text link. ;)

7th Oct 2002, 15:16
Your site is great, has spectacular media content, it's the only place I've seen so far that has the SR2 bonus content that those of us who bought the PC version were ripped off of.

Don't worry about being french.....it's forgivable LOL j/k :D