View Full Version : Thief II: "Down in the Bonehaord"

Old Man
7th Oct 2002, 11:19
I came across a serious difference between the Thief II version and the original Thief Gold version and was looking for the author to see if it might be fixed. The text file with the FM shows anonomous. Neither do I know where I got this FM from since I couldn't find it at Cheap Thief Downloads.

As a matter of interest, the Fire Dude's proximity lights Garrett up in the new version but not in the Gold version. Ghosting him now is more difficult since you can't just plunk yourself on the tile flooring near the ladder and let the Dude slide by. He'll spot you now.

7th Oct 2002, 15:13
Belboz did the conversion if I remember right. :)

Oh...And you probably got the FM from KoMaG's "demos" archive or when Belboz posted a link on the old forum. ;)

Old Man
7th Oct 2002, 22:44
Thanks, Gumdrop. I'll check with belboz then.