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7th Oct 2002, 10:22
I was messing around whith the Texture files and i got this


Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 10:29
How does one play with the texture files? (Im not a PC gamer so I don't know) :p

Looks like Raz is trying to make an appearance in a Tomb Raider game or something. :p

7th Oct 2002, 10:34
to be honest i dont really know i just opend it up whith a crappy hex editor and stated changing things (even though i dident know what i was doing).

Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 10:58
I should eventually learn this hex editing process...I feel so out of things. :p

7th Oct 2002, 16:05
I think what is most likely is that you corrupted the header for one or more of the chunks of graphics. If that were the case, the game engine wouldn't be able to load it, and would presumably default to using plain polygons instead.

7th Oct 2002, 18:26
Blincs post above me is the 3000th thread to be posted in the new Soul Reaver series!

Not important but just thought I would say it.


13th Oct 2002, 22:34
Dark Sephiroth,

Are you a Shadow Man game fan? I just finished ShadowMan 2 again, and the name Dark Sephiroth is a very important part of the game.

I'd love to see a ShadowMan/Soul Reaver crossover where one player can choose to be either ShadowMan or Raziel, or two players can play both of them simultaneously as a team. Not only are there several parallels between Raziel and ShadowMan, but the Ancients and the Demons share many parallels with the Angels and Demons in the world of ShadowMan 2. I'd also love to be able to download characters to different games, so that you could use Raziel in a ShadowMan game, or use ShadowMan in a Soul Reaver game. It would make the game seem like a whole new game if you had to relearn how to overcome everything with a new character.

Lady Kreliana
14th Oct 2002, 00:43
Ahh yes, the fun stuff that can be created when we all mess around with things we shouldn't mess around with. (But hey, messing around with stuff like that is a lotta fun! ;D)

20th Oct 2002, 08:04
I dont even know what shadow man is.

22nd Oct 2002, 02:36
(Sorry, my internet connection was acting up, and I accidentally posted the same message twice !!!)

22nd Oct 2002, 02:40
Go rent "Shadow Man 2nd Coming" and you will find out what a "Dark Sephiroth" is.

Shadow Man is a resurrected zombie who has had the "mask of shadows" woven into his chest, by a voodoo preistess. During the day-time, he can assume a weaker form that allows him to look like his former human self, and blend into the crowd.

At night-time, his full zombie power is released, and he becomes the ShadowMan, a walking zombie with decaying flesh, protruding bones, and visible internal organs. His eyes and visible heart glow with a spectral energy necroplasm similar to that of Spawn or Raziel.

When at full power as a zombie, and by using the powers of the mask of shadows, ShadowMan can enter the netherworld and also various dimensions of hell. ShadowMan fights a battle in two worlds, one in the living world and another in the underworld. His actions in these worlds also effects the opposide world.

As ShadowMan, he uses the ShadowGun, a energy shooting weapon that destroys the bodies of his enemies. When destroying an enemy with the ShadowGun, their soul is left behind so the ShadowMan can replenish his health energy by feeding on their souls.

11th Nov 2002, 00:11
I hated Shadow Man 2econd coming that game sucked

if they make a crossover of soul reaver and shadow man i will throw my PS2 into the furnace

sorry to hate on your idea but i jus didnt like shadow man very much :cool: