View Full Version : MSHearts on Windows XP?

7th Oct 2002, 03:31
I have a little problem with Windows 2000. MSHearts is not provided with 2000, and when I use my old Win 98 version or download a modified version from the internet, MSHearts does not run properly over a network. If a Windows 2000 machine is the server (dealer), a Windows 98 machine cannot connect to it.

Does anyone here have Windows XP with MSHearts installed on it? Does it work?

8th Oct 2002, 00:07
I have it on XP Home edition.

10th Oct 2002, 04:33
Thanks, Howie.:)

Now, what I really want to know is, does the XP version work on a LAN with two or more players?

11th Oct 2002, 13:37
Boy, I don't have the answer to that one Peter. Nevertheless, if you have little kids/grandkids and they like to watch TV when they are with you (?)......here... (http://soundamerica.com/sounds/spoofs/Barney_the_Dinosaur/brnytrek.wav)is something to cheer up your card playing woes. Enjoy, and I hope you find the answer to your question. :)