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5th Jan 2013, 06:39
Maybe not the place to post such ideas but there is no dedicated idea section (or so i've found) here. I just have some ideas i'd like share with those awaiting ARRs release and like me, is hoping that it is everything that we expect it to be.

How it works (Levequest):
From what I have read and viewed, the LeveQuest system has you speak to an NPC , boxes appear you accept (like usual), and you view the map to the location at where the quest is to be activated and completed, dull and simple but works!

As an adventurer I'd like to call upon aid from my favourite characters such as chocobos and moogles, I've already read that they are implementing chocobos for riding, breeding and fighting, great! But what about moogles, it would be nice to have your own companion that travels along with you. Custom design your own moogle, which can be called upon with a spell to appear instantly with options such as for example "view quest log".

The quests that are picked up along the way your moogle can hold these for you and give a bit of personality to the boring normal blocky boxes. The quest text can be as if the moogle is explaning the quest to you. Additional to this once a quest has been selected your moogle can direct you by saying that you must keeping going in North East direction (your moogle is essentially your compass), this saves you having to keep flicking through the map every so many minutes travel to be sure you on the right track.

This same idea can be used within groups. Just like there is a party leader, that party leaders moogle will assume moogle leader of the other party members moogles. once summoned each player can speak to the moogle leader to view the quest log. The quest log will show the quests that all party members have in common.

Will we see more interaction with moogles in this version?
Does this bring a sense enjoyment/comedy/realism/authentic FF interaction, whatever, what does this say to you?
Would you like the idea of a moogle following you on your adventures? discuss...