View Full Version : T2 FM..."Something Up There"

6th Oct 2002, 21:40
Just wanted to say a few things about this mission.......
Don't know why...I just have the urge to blab :p

I think it was a neat mission. It was obviously a first attempt. Quite a few bugs (or bug type things about it) but a novel idea and a good story nonetheless. I enjoyed it greatly.

I usually hate rope arrow antics, and normally would have given up at the end after dying 5 times because I suck at rope arrow climbing, but something kept me going.

The vast hugeness gave my video card an extreme workout. I think it's organizing a strike as I type. :p

I think the gun contraption in the church was pretty cool, and I gotta say that the shear "tallness" of the tower gave my fear of heights a super workout. It's been awhile since I got that "sweaty palmed" during a Thief experience.

I've read a few things about the bad dude at the end before I played....so I knew what I was up against. But no-one mentioned doing what I did....
I laid a gas mine right behind him, taffed his glowing skull, then made a little noise. He walked right into the mine, then decided to take a nap ;) Then all I had to do was toss him over the edge.

Another thing I thought was strange...
I threw the skull over the edge before he "went to sleep", and after the skull hits the ground...it majically appears back in his hand. :eek:

A few improvements I might suggest...
1-Do a little more decorating outside. But before you can do that...you would need to break up the "line of sight" so that our pc's could handle the polys.
2-Either use metal doors or make some of the wooden doors "unbreakable". I was able to cheat quite a bit by breaking wooden doors with my sword instead of looking for the keys. ;)

All in all...a wonderfull little mission. I'm looking forward to your next effort.

Thanks Erik! :)