View Full Version : Chapter 8: Eternal Prison "Bad Blood"

6th Oct 2002, 21:08
I have made it to the part where you use your Telekinesis to activate the bridge, but it always disappears when I activate it.
This is after dropping it and Magnus into the water. Where have I not found. Please any help would be appreciated.


LoneWolf:confused: :(

7th Oct 2002, 00:56
thats what is supposed to happen, just make sure ur not on the bridge when u do it, then i think a door will open or something. just make sure u cross the bridge completly before dropping it.


Lady Minerva
22nd Oct 2002, 10:53
... try this.

As soon as the cut-scene where Magnus reappears yet again end, you should be standing right across from the Telekinetic switch. Don't move from that point, just throw the switch!

(Incidently, if you know what power you're going to be using next, have it all set and ready for use even before you need it, ... if at all possible, so you don't have to scamble.)

Anyway, once the cut scene is over, you're right across from the switch and Magnus is on the bridge. You don't even have to move.

Just activate the switch from there and dunk the guy! :D

3rd Jul 2007, 11:58
OK, I have an error at 25% Eternal Prison. It's says : Send Report, Dont send report. How can help me ? I need a save at the battle with Magnus , or a save with 30% or 40%, to be may large than 25%. Please !! Mail me at janos_audron2007@yahoo.com