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6th Oct 2002, 19:46
When i start the exe file it starts up the screen goes black and then the games crashes any ideas thanks.

Specs: Win XP
Geforce2 MX Driver 30.82
Creative sound audio pci

7th Oct 2002, 08:44
Try disabling hardware acceleration or put it to standard. (start/run/dxdiag/sound)

7th Oct 2002, 10:08
Working now thanks

7th Oct 2002, 16:28
Glad it worked. Strange that there's still a problem with it, the demo had the same problem. Should been fixed by now.

7th Oct 2002, 16:47
The that was reported to us with the Demo was specifically Sound Blaster Audigy cards.

This problem seems to effect systems that have any of the older "PCI" type of sound cards from Creative Labs. This solution seems to work in most cases.

14th Oct 2002, 07:17
I'm having the same problem! It's really ticking me off too. I did as Eidos recommends on the support website too. It does NOT fix the problem.
I'm using a GF3 TI200 and a SB AWE64 ISA card. I'm hoping they will have a patch to fix this soon. There seems to be a ton of peple having this same problem on other forums too.
Funny I was also playing Blood Omen 2 and it was having the same problem...hmmm...

14th Oct 2002, 19:12
If none of the fixes work it may be you need updated drivers.

I suggest updating all your drivers: graphics, sound, and, most importantly, motherboard. So far the couple ppl that have updated their motherboard drivers have been able to run Hitman 2 properly.

14th Oct 2002, 22:36
Firstly, I am running it on a P3 750 Intel Chipset Asus mainboard, there are no drivers needed for Intel boards that I know of...mainboard drivers are only needed for Via Chipsets.

Secondly, I am using Windows XP and all my drivers are up to date, infact I tried every possible version of drivers for my GF3 Ti200 and the same problem always happened.

Lastly, the only driver I can't update is Creative labs Awe 64, because they don't have not supplied any new ones for Xp other then the ones that came with XP, and those are a year old. I did notice that these drivers are for the Sound blaster 16 and not specifically for the Awe 64, but their basicly the same cards.

Anyway why would every other game I have work flawlessly, except Hitman 2 and Blood Omen 2...hmmm maybe Same programming guy? I don't know.

15th Oct 2002, 02:50
Well basicly the same is not the same now is it?

As for your motherboard drivers, you could try:


Yours may not have drivers, but some do. The ones that do of course are mostly dated 99 not really supporting XP. Meaning you should probably get a new motherboard or downgrade your OS.

Also, don't blame the programmer for not making the game universally playable. Today's society doesn't wait for everybody else to catch up. I had at one time also had 2 games, ut2k3 demo and army operations, which did not work at all in similar ways, but any other game would run perfectly. Problem was my graphics drivers don't install properly overtop each other so I had to redo them and both programs worked flawless. Same thing with Hitman 2, everything else worked, but when I updated my motherboard drivers Hitman 2 also worked flawlessly.

15th Oct 2002, 05:47
So let me get this straight, your solution is...
if you buy a new game and it does not work you should...
A) Buy a new mainboard even thought everything else works fine?!?!
B) Downgrade your OS that you paid far more then you bought the game for?!?!

Does this sound ridiculus to anyone else on the planet besides me?

There is absolutely no logic in what your suggesting!

GO AWAY! Next!

All game companies publish Minimum requirements for their software, and Some even publish hardware that their games do not work with. If they did the testing properly for their product they would know this and should publish these exceptions, unless it was overlooked and then they should be releasing a patch to fix the problem.

Xt - H@Ze
15th Oct 2002, 12:03
I have the same problem... and my computer is 6 months old.
I have an Athlon 1800 + with a motherboard MSI (Via chipset) + 512 ram and Geforce 3 Ti200.
And my crash is the same that a lot of people. With the sound card of my motherboad (that can't use 3D effects), the game crash et return to the desktop after 10-20 min. But I have also a Guillemot Fortissimo 3 (7.1) and with it, it' worst, my pc reboot alone after 10 minutes, without error messages.
It's very hard to play in this condition... !!!!!!!
The driver of the soundcard is the latest, for the video also. My OS is WINXP Pro, with the SP1. The latest thing that i can do is upgrading my drivers for motherboard, but i don't know that i will be better.
I'm very furious, the game is fantastic, and i can't play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why to sell a game that's not correctly tested ?

17th Oct 2002, 02:13
I'm suggesting that if that condition so happened to be. You obviously can't target something that specific to a general catergory as you did. If your motherboard company isn't updating their stuff maybe that's it. I'm not saying it's gonna happen no matter what new game you bought and that you have to do it in order to play, I'm merely giving an observation. Take it whatever way you want.

Haze - did you disable Eax in the game options also, via menu > Option> Sound ?
I really can't suggest a lot of things for this one because mine works perfectly, I played for hours when I finally got it working. I did have to disable Eax though, not for crashing but because the gun shots were barely audiable but everything else was loud and clear.

17th Oct 2002, 03:13
i am also having the same trouble and its not drivers its the game i have been to too many forums and seen the same thing i always keep my drivers up to date i check driver pages everycouple of days and i update my computer about every six months im running a
Amd xp 2000+
512 megs kingston pc2700 ddr ram
asusa7v333mb with via 4.43 drivers
geforce4 ti4600 ultral deluxe det 30.78 lates whql certified
sounblasteraudigy latest audg drive pack

and all i get is crash crash crash for a while in the beginnning it was fine then the further i go in the game the more it crashes now im stuck at the end of the tunnel rat level where i have to clear the heli pad so the helicopter can pick up the warheads and as soon as i kill the second guy it crashes to desktop no error or nothing ive tried the dx sound think disableing eax using opengl
lowering sound quality everything that can be tried and cannot for the life of me or my computer or any forum help can i get past this point so any more ideas ???????????????????????

17th Oct 2002, 05:02
Well. Here are a couple tricks I found.

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP1:
nVidia Geforce 2 Go (Yep Im On a Laptop)

Anyway when I run the game and start the first level and get to were i can actually play the game it bombs right.

I tryed using the windows 98 compatibility option but then the sound messed up.

So then i put it back to the normal settings and then ran the config and played the game it worked. went back into the game like you should beable to do and it bombed so i ran the config and it all worked again. so im not exactly sure how the loading of the configer helps but is does. oh and for some of you who will call me a dumb @$$ but i did not change anything the second time and it made the game work. also this does not fully Fix bombing out. i was on the second level playing it for like 10 minutes and it bombed out. oh and i have gotten to level 4 so its not always in the same spot or same time.

Im going to try to make a loader and see if it fixes most of the problems. if it does i will releass it.

17th Oct 2002, 13:26
has anyone made it to the tunnelrat level yet cuz i have tried everything and cant go anyfurther no matter what i do i mean i can run half way across the map and back and as soon as i kill the second guy on the landing pad it crashes im assuming that once he is dead the landing pad is clear and it triggers the helicopter to come down and get the warheads so maybe that has somethiong to do with my crashing