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6th Oct 2002, 16:17
Has anyone noticed any of these problems with Hitman 2 (XBox)

1. After playing awhile the audio (Music) started to skip.
I am not sure but it seems to be worse when vibrate
on the controller is enabled.

2. Sometimes when I try and save or load a game I get
the error "dirty or damaged disk"

I returned one disk already and the same thing is occurring
with the second disk. I would like to know if it my Xbox or
the game. My warranty on my Xbox is going to be up soon!

Thanks for your help!

7th Oct 2002, 02:04
It could be that your laser's lens is dirty. Use the XBOX recommended (if they did in the manual) cleaner. Or just get those CD player disc cleaners.

7th Oct 2002, 06:46
Why go through the trouble of cleaning the lense? Just replace the thing!

14th Oct 2002, 21:36
I receive the same issues, and I'm on my second Hitman 2 disc from Target. Occasionally, the game will freeze with no information. Other times it will freeze and display the "dirty or damaged disc" prompt. The audio goes to crap almost every time. It can't be my XBOX, my other games run GREAT. What is up with this, and is Eidos aware of this?

17th Oct 2002, 04:11
I've had a few different problems show up. First I get the Dirty Disc message (got it a lot with Morrowind too, they came up with a kind of strange solution involving clearing the Xbox's cache). It happens when I first put the disc in and it sometimes happens when I go to load a game.

Second problem is that it seems like after I load a number of times, the whole game completely locks up on me while the loading bar is halfway across the screen (this happens when I die and have to reload).

Third problem only happened once but it seemed odd. When I started up the game, none of the textures were there. Basically I was the white shape moving around these white rooms. The lighting was still "on," but there wasn't a single texture.

Anyway, I've enjoyed the 15 minutes I've had with the game but it constantly crashes and keeps me from really getting into the game.

17th Oct 2002, 20:08
I bought Hitman 2 last night and had the same load error. If I tried to load a mid level saved game it would freeze or give me the error. If I loaded the start of a new level it would work correctly.

1st Nov 2002, 13:45
Whats the deal with this!?

I am on my second disk!

Come on Eidos, Come up with a solution (hopefully) for this!!

4th Nov 2002, 13:02
I am having the same dirty disk or damaged disc problem does anyone have a solution to this yet

12th Nov 2002, 22:04
I gotta be honest with you guys, I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with the XBOX when you save games. Here is what I've been noticing:

I just rented BloodRayne (AWESOME game, but probably just a renter at best), and I noticed it played flawlessly until I saved a game and tried to replay the saved game. Then, I got the "dirty / damaged disk" message, similiar to Hitman 2. I then tried this with about 4 other saved games, and it was hit-n-miss, but I got the message about 50% of the time. But, when I would start a fresh mission, no problems at all.

Hitman 2 seems to be the same way. When I start saving progress in Hitman 2, that is when I seem to have problems. If I play a fresh mission in Hitman 2, I don't seem to encounter the problem.

So, is this an Eidos issue, or an Xbox issue? I don't know, but I sure wish someone would shed some light on the subject. Bottom line, I don't know what happens when you save a game (technical-wise), but I've gotta believe the save data is becoming corrupted...which is not unheard of.

12th Nov 2002, 22:28
I finally just got fed up with the constant freezing and audio skipping and sold it on Ebay. My 3RD BRAND NEW copy mind you.

Never happens with any of my other games.

Hope somebody else has some luck with the pitiful game.

Poop on this game, And poop on Eidos for not responding to multiple complaints!:mad:

16th Nov 2002, 23:07
I played for a few hours, then I too started getting "Disc is Dirty or Damaged" errors when trying to load a saved game. I can start at the top of a mission right off the CD with no problem, but the D or D messages come up 90% of the time when trying to load from any saved position. This really sucks, and is obviously a problem on their end. Has anything been done about it? I can't find any reference to a fix, but it's clear that many people are having the same problems.

17th Nov 2002, 00:51
Just a thought, is your X-BOX modded(have a mod chip installed)?

Aside from that, the game was shipped with show stopping bugs for the PC version as well which means that either/all:

1) Eidos pushed IO to get the game out before it was finished.

2) IO ran out of money, or didn't want to go into debt by doing more extensive bug testing.

3) There was a hardware problem with one of the copy machines when making the X-BOX version.

I suspect it was a mixture of all three for the X-BOX version(unless it's some sort of copy protection for modded machines), and the first 2 for the PC version. They didn't even fix a major bug with soundcards which do support EAX, but crash the game and system when you enable it.

17th Nov 2002, 02:01
I must say that I agree with pooch there. Xboxes (both, modified and vanilla) have been having a lot of disk reading problems with really many games. It's all around the net, just do a search. Some speculate that the reason of this is faulty DVD-player which also seems to degrade after continious use. Yet again some X-boxes don't have it. It is only possible with Microsoft products. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I found interesting thread in some forum:

You are not alone.

17th Nov 2002, 06:11
Sorry to say but it's a common engineering practice to build products that will last only a little longer than the warranty before some components wear out, although I've never heard of this happening for a game system, which are usually high quality machines(my NES still works). Bad move by Microsoft on this one.

17th Nov 2002, 07:36
It was not my Xbox, It was the game.

All my others work fine.

Maybe I should have tried boiling the disk. As crazy as it may sound, It has fixed a couple of my games by doing this.

5th Dec 2002, 03:01

what do you mean by BOILING your disk? put it in a pot of boiling water?

by the way, i never had problems with HM 2 on my Xbox and my PC. (don't think im stupid because i bought both versions of the game. i bought one, the other one i got for birthday)