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6th Oct 2002, 02:54
after install the hitman 2 game; I couldn't move at all in the game. I tried re-mapping all the controls but no luck. I figured out that he is moving, but very incredible slow! to get to the door would take an hour and 14mins. why?

computer specs:
1.3gh AMD athlon.
sound blaster audigy w/lastest drivers
geforce 3 ti200 w/lastest driver, 40.71 not hte 40.72 beta yet.
200 gigs.
blah blah blah...


7th Oct 2002, 05:30
Here is what you can do:
BUY THE GAME AND STOP USING A ILLEGAL WAREZ COPY! Your lame crack won't work. You probably edited the .ini file and thought you could get away with it by using some lame .exe file that some warez group sent. Nope, won't work. Go and buy this game and support those who made this great game, or you can play the demo.:mad:

7th Oct 2002, 07:39
OMG u idiot i bought the damn game! i had just figure out that i installed the beta version of Directx ...v9.0 beta 2~ I install on my other side of xp and it ran fine! directx 9.0 was the cause...omg! warez, hell no!

7th Oct 2002, 17:09
He's mistaken you for another guy with a similar problem who solved it by (supposedly) using a no-cd crack.

7th Oct 2002, 18:03
In any case, it's probably best to leave the warez issue to Zaphod, Grey Mouser, and RedLegg. If anyone suspects warez, just report the thread, and if it turns out to be the case, they'll deal with the matter.

Certainly that's better than throwing accusations at each other.

12th Oct 2002, 05:22
Game works fine for a few minutes. But soon...

The dude won't move. (yes the bindings are fine) I can look around with the mouse but none of the keyboard commands work. Except for the Esc Key.

Just purchased the game and installed it today. NOT WAREZ

Dell 8100
GeForce 3
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Card

All the latest drivers have been installed.

Any ideas?

12th Oct 2002, 20:42

27th Nov 2002, 11:19
My guy seems to move, but he doesn't move his legs and he moves slower than normal. I just bought this game last night. The Demo worked perfectly and was awesome, but i just can't belive this game. I have tried all different kinds of video and graphical settings. Can anyone help PLEASE!!

AMD 1.2 GHz
1024 MB RAM
Nvidia GeForce 2
blah blah blah