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6th Oct 2002, 01:12
I knew it had to end; 11 FMs in a row I finish quickly, then this. :rolleyes:

Dread - I cannot get past the room above the flaming haunts. Vanguard makes no mention of this area(varied wooden floor, ramp, narrow wooden ledges, one door out of reach of any ropes.) in his Ghost post. I have tried to rope up, but just bounce off the ropes attached to the narrow ledges. I cannot triple jump to get to the skinny stone pylon to jump over to the door. I tried lugging rocks up from below to bash something, and that failed too. Any ideas of how to advance ? Like the music, btw. :)

Fortune and Glory - Stuck at the very beginning, I assume. I guess this is Garrett's house, I've walked around the 2nd floor and first floor, but cannot get out. I've broken glass to no avail. Swam the hot tub, and the channel nearby. I tried to raise the garage door, but no success. Is there a teeny-weeny switch or something I've missed ? :)

6th Oct 2002, 03:11
LOL clayman...I get to help you a bit on Fortune and Glory as I started it once long ago but had to give it up eventually. Puzzles were just to confusing for me to understand and solve. However, I can tell you how to get out and into the heart of the game. Go back into the area where the bookcases are and on one end, I believe it was to the right as you go in...at the end of one...make like your going to try and mantle up onto the top and instead you will fall inside a tunnel/pathway...follow it down and then follow your nose and get ready for more puzzles. This game is filled with them :) Good Luck and Good puzzle solving..it's not easy! Nightwalker said at the time when I was seeking help that her husband gave her a lot of help on this one...so I don't feel quite so bad about not finishing it :D

Can't help you with Dread as I never played it and not my type of game so I'm sure someone will see your post and be able to assist with that one! Ta and Good Hunting!

6th Oct 2002, 03:39
get onto the ramp that points straight at the door you cant reach...then use rope arrows to make it there via the beam in the cieling....but before you do that find the switch that opens another door(secret) that is required to advance....

6th Oct 2002, 04:47
The author said the spider in the tunnel (after the zombie room you first go through and drop down into the tunnel) was supposed to be ghostable but that he/she added additional light and that made it impossible. I probably used water arrows to douse the fires in the firey haunt room next along with dousing the torches so I could move around.

There is a cache of water arrows but it is way up high. From the tunnel, go across to the ladder (where there are fire arrows at the bottom). At this 1st platform level, head across again to the next ladder. At the 2nd platform level, head back toward the wall. You'll find a pile of bones on the platform. Look up and to the right on the wall to see the throw switch. Rope up to the beam underneath and you'll get close enough to frob the switch. This open a wall door on the opposite wall way up high. Climb down the rope but just as far as the rope arrow remains lit, then frob it to retrieve it. If the fire haunts are at their typical positions (across the room), they won't hear your landing. On that 2nd platform level, head to the same wall where there is a metal door at the same level as this secret wall door that you just opened. Fire a rope arrow into the end of the beam but at an angle outward. This will let you jump and snatch the rope and then mantle onto that beam. The only stuff you'll find in the secret wall door is water arrows and a note. I don't believe you can get into the metal door at this point. Head back to where to snagged the rope arrow, take it back, and fire it into the beam on the wall (the same one with the throw switch), take a few steps back, and run and jump at the rope. Climb partway down, frob the arrow, and drop to the 2nd platform.

Now make you way back down to the bottom floor with the firey haunts. With the fires and torches doused, you should be able to get into the corner opposite of the boarded opening but opposite of the light mushroom. Follow the firey haunt as it turns and heads towards that opening. The haunt turns right when heading back so follow on his leftside to pass him on the left as he turns right. Getting into this opening is really tough. The author screwed up on this royally.

To get under the boards, face them and crouch. Hit and hold the lean forward key to get partway under the boards while also holding down the run key. While keeping the lean forward and run keys pressed, repeatedly tap the left and right strafe keys. This wiggles you under the boards while leaning forward and wiggling left and right. You don't have much time before the haunt comes back so it's a matter of getting lucky of wiggling through.

6th Oct 2002, 04:50

I found nothing in that secret room except water arrows and a note. There was no key to open the metal door at the same level, or switch, or anything else that I found frobbable. I had to come all the way back down and wiggle under the boards over the tunnel opening by the pacing firey haunt.

6th Oct 2002, 05:23
I've just been playing this and there IS a key in the secret room. It's lying on the floor and it's extremely hard to see. It doesn't seem to light up, so it's very easy to miss. I had to look very carefully before I finally found it. :)

6th Oct 2002, 20:44
Originally posted by Vanguard

I found nothing in that secret room except water arrows and a note. There was no key to open the metal door at the same level, or switch, or anything else that I found frobbable. I had to come all the way back down and wiggle under the boards over the tunnel opening by the pacing firey haunt.

you made it under those boards??! damn :D quote- the author screwed up on this?? um no you werent supposed to be able to go through there at all vangaurd. not my fault you couldnt see the key lying in the room. congradulations for making it through what i thought was impossilbe way to go.

8th Oct 2002, 22:07
Thanks for the help....I've put these two aside for a rainy day.

9th Oct 2002, 03:46
I figured before the mission that I, as Garrett, would go on the Atkins diet. I'd eat the deer legs but shun the cheese and apples. The health fruit was okay; no carbos. I lost 10 pounds around my girth and could squeeze through what otherwise Gumby-shaped Garrett could not manage before.

Actually, I've found the lean forward or lean sideways sometimes helps me jump through a tight squeese. Here I just wiggled side to side while running while crouched and leaning forward. Good thing I have my key bindings setup so I can keep 2 keys held down concurrently while tapping 2 other keys. Boy, sometimes after a game of Thief, my fingers hurt.