View Full Version : The Returning!!!!

5th Oct 2002, 22:36
Hey people! I'm back again. Yes I know it has been awhile, but my compuer fried its self with out reason! I'm sure I've missed alot of interesting things since then...But just wanted to say,:hey I'm back! Isnt that great?"-lol

5th Oct 2002, 22:40


Lady Kreliana
6th Oct 2002, 06:24
Good to see you. :)

6th Oct 2002, 16:58
Hi there, welcome back, don't remember you but never mind! :D

Your sig doesn't seem to be working by the way,


6th Oct 2002, 19:10
i dont really remember you either...but welcome never the less...

6th Oct 2002, 19:53
Appricate the welcomes people, but in response to Jeffers, yeah when my comp fried my sig went with it.. Ill get aroung to making a new one soon

7th Oct 2002, 05:53
Does anyone know of a good sig hosting site? www.yoursighost.com was killed apperntly....

Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 05:55
I use www.ranchoweb.com...others are using www.hostmysig.com and others are paying for their own hosting space.

7th Oct 2002, 05:59
Thanks, finaly got it back!

7th Oct 2002, 06:00
I've been using www.imagemagician.com and it seems to work pretty freakin' well. None of that bandwidth limit crapolla, and you get 3 megs of space.

And it's FREE!

:cool: :D

Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 06:05
I get one meg through rancho web and it's pretty stable enough for me. I havent had any problems with it. Anubis_orr hosts his sig (that I designed) on easyspace but I think that you might have to pay for it. On the community chat, a lot of people have gone out and used homestead, also another pay-service.

7th Oct 2002, 13:14
No, it's free.... and I get 25mb of space for anything that I want to put up. :D

Umah Bloodomen
7th Oct 2002, 13:35
I didn't know that. Thanks for the insight my friend. **tips her hat to Anubis**