View Full Version : Just a little chit chat and playing Stronhold

5th Oct 2002, 08:41
Well it seems I have another FM hiding in my collection that I recently downloaded and/or redownloaded...can't remember for sure but I thought I had this one already a long time ago and had played it. LOL, started it up tonight to discover I had not played it yet. :) The name is "Stronghold" ver. 3

Looks like this is going to be quite a game from what I've seen so far and I've got snow again :D Just too bad I can't get the fog effects too but that's always been the case with this card. I really don't understand why ATI cards can't produce fog...apparently it's supposed to but it doesn't work and I know others have complained of the same thing. Now maybe if the API were in OGL I could have that effect working...as I did get that effect in my VooDoo cards, which used their version of OGL in Glide...but at least in D3D with my ATI card in this machine, it doesn't :(

So here's to another Garrett adventure and I'm on my way :) Ta and Good Hunting!

Keeper Collins
6th Oct 2002, 22:25
Yes, i played version 3 also. This is a good FM to play so you're in for a treat! The huants are for once on you're side and you'll be glad once you see them. They look scarier then ever! And the Pagans are non hostile also wich I liked. The soward you'll get is extremly powerful but it just can't destroy those annoying child robots. Can they be destroyed?