View Full Version : Hidden Valley

5th Oct 2002, 01:06
The briefing says to find the truck and wait for more instructions. The truck is not far from the starting point (behind the tunnel entrance). I can climb into the truck, or walk all around it. I get no further instructions. I found the weapons near the truck.

How long must I wait at the truck before I get more information?

5th Oct 2002, 04:49
I replied to you over on hitman2forum.com :)

10th Oct 2002, 17:27
I need help with the same issue.:(

14th Oct 2002, 01:36
Don't get in the truck. It never moves. Get your weapons, which are leaning against the building wall near the truck. Then, hide around the front of the truck until the guard is out of sight, and run for the "sewer shed" cover due north of the truck. The rest of the mission is a series of avoiding ninja guards both in the tunnels and above ground, and a lot of climbing up and down on ladders.