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the abyss
4th Oct 2002, 23:23
this message goes to anyone who has a gameshark 2 and has tried the fly code....if directly after the reaver strays from the orb and returns, you decide to fly over to william's chapel before the cutscene takes place not only is the soul reaver lodged in williams chest but you can take it too! if you decide to do this throw the reaver away from you (or just walk in holding it) then return to activate the cutscene....it looks like raziel is groping williams dead body and orgasming, if i know my facial expressions correctly. throughout half of the cutscene the reaver is gone and then magically reappears! just found that out and thought i'd share it with some of you :D

5th Oct 2002, 22:09
Go fly into Janos retreat.

I dont think your facial expressions are correct...lol

Lady Kreliana
6th Oct 2002, 06:35
*reads the paragraph.*

Oh dear.


23rd Oct 2002, 12:13
groping williams dead body and orgasming

are you alowed to say that on fourms lol :p :D

the abyss
23rd Oct 2002, 13:51
I'm not sure but i say it like i see it.

and sorry Lady Kreliana understand that the mind of a 14 year old chld is a strange and dangerous place

Evelin The Winged
9th Nov 2002, 10:56
Originally posted by the abyss
groping williams dead body and orgasming

What the hell does that mean? :confused:

9th Nov 2002, 11:03
Originally posted by Evelin The Winged
What the hell does that mean? :confused:

You don't want to know, just accept it as a misinterpretation of something and your mind will be saved. ;) :)