View Full Version : Anywhere besides the Post?

Dark Blood
4th Oct 2002, 22:15
Is there anywhere to get new missions beside the Post? I have to feed the need, the need for more user missions!

5th Oct 2002, 07:57
We got all there be... I think... Check out Slink's Burrow in our links section, it may have one or two we missed!

6th Oct 2002, 11:49
where is Hyperspace station?

Dark Blood
6th Oct 2002, 12:29
there is a link somewhere for the hyperspace station but I had to email hand e food for it. here's his email address if you want to email him. He was cool to me.


7th Oct 2002, 05:12
I've sent it to Alpha Omega at the Post, but I've heard nothing since. I check my e-mail daily, so feel free to contact me.