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Conker The Squirrel
4th Oct 2002, 21:10
something that bothers me bigtime

bought it for my PS2 yesterday after work{usually i;d buy that for pc, but i thought it would be cool on a console,which it is} but, i just can't help but get annoyed by those ridiculous physics...i just can't understand WHY CHANGE SOMETHING WHEN IT"S GOOD IO!!!! in the demo of H2 on pc, when you shot someone...it would show a death animation or just fall down, but now when i just shoot a guard with my simple 9mm he flies like a thousand meters backwards....and this is so damn unrealistic, my question to the folks who got it too, didn't ya notice this ridiculous thing? it's just too unrealistic to see a guard fly backwards when you kill em...really

for the rest it's great, too bad they removed the ability to punch {was all in the demo on pc} i just loved Hitman1 and this probably too...waited so long for it..but these physics are killing me...no-one noticed the crap physics?

5th Oct 2002, 04:54
I haven't noticed too much physics bogosity until you hit the exotic weapons.

Well, that and the hardballers are just silly :) But it affects gameplay very little, and adds a bit of dramatic effect.

Conker The Squirrel
5th Oct 2002, 09:27
Well, i rather have realistic death animations or let the enemy just crumble on the ground...but this is really not cool....so weird
because the pc demo was fine.

but don't get me wrong, the game is very good, just these little drawbacks are a pity, but i'm glad it's difficult as hell, i ain't using the save system cause in my opinion that feature don't belong there..all the Codename47 players finished the game without a checkpoint or save, and that is exactly what makes this game so cool...right now i'm in the first St.Petersburg mission and i have tried alot, and still not completed it :)

17th Oct 2002, 15:10
I agree, the death physics were sooooo much better in the demo, it was very similar to Hitman 1 if not the same. I guess they added the exxagerated effects for dramatic appeal. It's pretty lame.

does anyone know a cheat for enabling the regular death physics or is it built into the engine and can't be changed?

17th Oct 2002, 18:55
I guess they added the exxagerated effects for dramatic appeal.

Actually no, it's a bug that only appeared in the final version and they were unable to fix it in time before the game was pushed out.

17th Oct 2002, 19:00
thanks for the clarification