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the abyss
4th Oct 2002, 19:34
this may have been discussed before but what exactly is the state of change? i mean what is the actual process other than the changing? do the vampires just lie in bed sleeping while their bodies change or do they enter this creepy larva stage or what?

Umah Bloodomen
4th Oct 2002, 23:14
I like the notion of a metamorphasis. Very creative indeed!

I feel that if a vampire does enter that type of stage that it could leave them very vulnerable to attack from humans or other vampires for that matter. Now if there was a group as close like as the Cabal for instance in BO2, then perhaps the metamorphasis could be predicted (somewhat like a female's reproductive cycle is at different times of the month being fertile vs. not fertile) then the "changing" vampire could be guarded from attack.

I think though, however, that a vampire changes as time passes. There are no periods of a larval stage, they simply go about their daily business and change over time. Some of the changes could be quite painful to endure as well, such as changing hands, or take the crests upon Kain's head for example. I am sure that felt worse than an abscessed tooth. :p (The growing of wings couldn't have felt that good either, although it probably didn't help when Kain ripped Raziel's off).

5th Oct 2002, 03:30
It's always seemed to me to be a stage of hyper-accelerated genetic evolution. All the bodies energy would be going toward perfecting/changing thus leaving the vampire very weak and probably unable to defend himself/herself. The way Raziel describes it, it seems that it happens every couple of centuries or so and only for a short period and then the vampire would emerge with a new gift.

I think the vampire in-question would be able to feel when a period of change was coming and be able to prepare (a place hidden from all [don't want to be killed easily], perhaps chained victims to feed on, etc)

6th Oct 2002, 17:34
I always imagined it was in short bursts. Like when Kain fills his blood vial in BO2.

Power reaver
7th Oct 2002, 13:10
Well the currunt posibilities are :

1) Cacoon like state , similair to that of the butterfly

2) Automatic changing of cells so that they evolve

But heres another possibility :

The change of state could be different from clan to clan , ie : Razielim evolve like no.2 and Zephonim like no.1 .