View Full Version : Norwegian Release Date

4th Oct 2002, 16:21
The Norwegian release date has been postponed to October 11th. Is this just because of a stupid Norwegian importer or has all of Europe suffered the same?

4th Oct 2002, 18:14
I guess it's just importer. It's been released here today (and probably in the rest of Europe)

4th Oct 2002, 19:50
:mad: :mad:
I discovered the reason!!!! :mad: :mad:

Norway, Sweden and Denmark (the very country the game was developed in) will recieve the game October 11th instead of 4th because the publishing rights was sold to UbiSoft nordic, today!! How stipid. oohhh.. i have allways hated UbiSoft, but this tops the list!!! :mad: :mad:

I guess the reason they postpone it is because they must translate the manuals or somethig! That is plain stupid. Those who does not understand an English manual will most certainly not understand the game either. :mad:

They can expect an unpleasant e-mail very soon!!!:mad: