View Full Version : Problem with lean function.

4th Oct 2002, 15:27
I just installed the retail version of Hitman 2. I set up the keys the way I like including the lean functions. I use this feature in a lot of games so I'm used to how it works. In Hitman 2 the lean keys work properly when I'm in third person but in first person view they are not working. They worked ok in the demo. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem. Seems backwards to me anyway. You don't really need lean in third person since you can rotate the camera past the corner anyway. The lean is most useful in 1st person. I really hope there is a solution for this.

5th Oct 2002, 03:50
I also cannot lean in first-person view.

Works fine in 3rd person though.

5th Oct 2002, 16:44
I sent them an e-mail about this. Hopefully they will do something about it. I'm afraid it will not be added back in just like some other things that disappeared from the demo like punching or the more realistic physics when someone gets shot. I really don't care for that drastic blow back they have with certain weapons. It really looks stupid and unrealistic. The demo was much better in that regard. But overall the game is amazing. The graphics are absolutely fantastic. I love being able to shoot out all the lights and stuff in a room. Very cool. Every FPS game should allow for that. There are just a couple of things from the demo that need to be put back into the full version.

5th Oct 2002, 19:33
In a patch, I hope.