View Full Version : ARGH! Bought game, black screen on start-up and nothing else..

4th Oct 2002, 14:13
Hey everybody,

just got home after buying the game.
did an install, no errors.
but now when booting up the game I just get a black screen and that's it...nothing.
have to turn pc off and on again to continue..

help, please....???

(tried the patch already and that doesn't work :( )

4th Oct 2002, 17:56
Did you try a reinstall? And what are your specs?

4th Oct 2002, 18:06
After calling with Eidos helpdesk in England with my mobile from Holland :rolleyes: (friendly but not very helpful) I decided to downgrade my nvidia drivers.
Uninstalled version 40.41 and installed 30.82
works fine now!!


thanks for the help...
I'm off to retry tutorial mission 1 for the tenth time :D

BTW: what are those TUXX Folders in the Misiones folder? more hidden tuts? :confused:

4th Oct 2002, 18:13
yeah the 40.41 were buggy for alot of people, you better stay with 30.82 those are official at the moment, there are 40.71 beta drivers though, they have not been tested fully but have given performance improvement for some people (like me) but other people got trouble with them, the only way to find out is by trying them out.

4th Oct 2002, 18:27
i'm gonna stick with that's working now :)

Maya 4.5, NOLF 2 and Commandos 2 all working.
that's enough for me :)