View Full Version : Some cheats

4th Oct 2002, 13:22
can you pplease confirm me th cheat that gives you the soulreaver and the iron armor.I have seen screenshots with kain in the Iron Armor with the soulreaver.

The cheat sais:
"Quickly press [Block], [Auto Face], [Dark Gift Menu], [Looking Around], [Action], [Use Dark Gift], [Blood Suck] at the main menu. If done at the proper speed, Kain say "Go cheese" to confirm correct code entry. "http://www.angelfire.com/clone/legacyofkain/kain/1.jpg

6th Oct 2002, 04:39
Yes, that is the cheat code. Also, instead of creating a new thread for what I'm assuming your next question is - "Why 'go cheese?'" - I suggest you look around; it's not that far back - probably within the previous couple of pages. If you can't find it, then PM somebody. ;)