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4th Oct 2002, 08:41
OK--A little while ago, you happened to mention that if anyone was in the Menlo Park area, and wanted to stop by for the "Grand Tour", that you'd be willing to give them the walk through.....Anyway--is this offer still good? Just found out my vacation request for the last week of October was approved, and I wanted to see Santa Cruz and the Monterey Aquarium primarily(I know--I am such a wild woman), and then I remembered your offer, and the plane touches down in San Jose, so I got to thinking.....
And yes-I really am working on my submission to the contest-I have a knife, some clouds, a stake, and some shading under a body to do-and someone kick me the next time I think to work with watercolor.

4th Oct 2002, 09:43
I believe Chris was just joking. But if he really ment it, and you get a chance to "sneak" around in their headquarters, please try to find out some juicy news about SR3 and share it with us!:D

4th Oct 2002, 15:59
Shh!!! Don't say that-let a poor girl have a dream, even if that dream is going to the corporate offices of a video game developer, and-um-wait, that's not my dream!
But it would still be neat, I admit. It's also a great excuse to go see the Bay area, too.

4th Oct 2002, 18:09
Hey Sarah,
I would be happy to show you around the offices here at Crystal Dynamics. I can't promise I can show you any of SR3, but if you'd like to see where everything happens, that would be great. We could even go out to lunch if you'd like. Send me an e-mail and we can discuss this off of the forums. :)

4th Oct 2002, 20:08
Sarah, you lucky girl!! I really envy you.;)

4th Oct 2002, 20:40
Done, Chris! Thanks!

Umah Bloodomen
5th Oct 2002, 01:38
Okay, I am jealous. I thought we had something special Chris! What about me? What about Umah? :p ;)

Have fun Sarah! We want to see pics. :D

When I eventually come to Cali, you'd better watch out, Chris. I'll bring my batting eyes and everything. :p

5th Oct 2002, 08:52
D'oh! Why are there so few cool game development companies near my area of California (Sherman Oaks)? Neversoft is the only one I know of that's relatively close to me. All the other great developers are either in areas near Irvine or San Francisco, or in other states entirely (many are in Texas for some reason).

5th Oct 2002, 15:08
Silly--where do you think I am? Only it's more North Hills then Sherman O. I so need to get away from the Valley, even if it's for a few days.

6th Oct 2002, 08:04
Originally posted by Sarah
Silly--where do you think I am? Only it's more North Hills then Sherman O. I so need to get away from the Valley, even if it's for a few days.

Well, my sense of direction is absolutely horrible, so I'm rather bad at judging distance between locations.

Lady Kreliana
6th Oct 2002, 21:35
How cool! I'm so happy for you Sarah! Tell us all how the tour goes, ok? ^_^