View Full Version : Save game transfer DLC problem. Pirate -> Original

26th Dec 2016, 23:14
Yes, really.
Thats the question.
But please, bear with me, Im not that bad...

Since there were so much rumble about Deus Ex MD been ruined by microtransactions, denovo, bugs, first-day dlc's etc. I tried the pirate game first.
And I tried it goood ;)

So now I bought the original (Steam) and I wanted to transfer my save game, since I'm almost at the end (I told you I tried it good). So I found the files, put them in the right place, installed the original one and... The game can't load becouse of missing DLC content. Tactical something some guns. Ok, I got the gun im my inventory, I remember it. So I download the pirate again, 78GB... , install it, open - so hey, I can still play the pirate version and finish the game - destroy the gun from my inventory. Uninstall the game, install original one - steam, 50GB download.... transfer the saves, open the game.. still the same. So I remember - theres a storage. I got the gun that I used to have from it, left every other one, but maybe the game remember that they are in the storage, that counts. So I uninstall original one, download the pirate - 78GB - install it, open game, get all the guns from the storage and destroy them. Unistall the game, install the Steam one - download 50GB - transfer the saves, open the game.. something different. I do not have a "Missing Tactical.." something DLC error, I have missing for DLC errors now. Including the tactical.

So even I did not used any of those, my pirated version of the game god those and the info is in save games. So the original one will not open and asks to reinstall thr DLCs.. which I cant do since I do not own them..

And come on, I will not buy DLCs at the cost of the game itself, especially those which I will never use, becouse I do not want to even - its just some guns and different clothes, not my kind of tea..

So another plan! I uninstall the game, do not have to download pirate 78GB version becouse I still have it! :D Install the pirate one.. goes to game directory and voila! Theres a DLC catalog with DLC files :D So I copy the catalog, uninstall the pirate one, install Steam one - download 50GB - transfer save game files, copy the DLC catalag and... nothing, still the same.

So please can anybody help me? Its been four days already that I try to do it..
Im a completionist, at the almost end of the game, with a plan to play it again on that hardcore mode I cannot play it again, I need that save to work...
And come on, Im a good guy, bought the game, I bought previous one when it came, try to play legal here ;)