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Acid Burn
3rd Oct 2002, 19:31
I just hope that the next movie is rated R instead of PG and we all get to see a little more violence. The first movie seemed aimed at a very young audience when the fact is that I believe more adults play the video games then do people in their teens. I mean c'mon, I'm a big tomb raider person and also very much obbsessed with Angelina Jolie, but that whole movie seemed to be spoon fed to it's audience as if it would offend anyone if Lara actually said a nauty word or acted even slightly human instead of being portrayed as a cultural icon too significant to stain with human qualities. I really want to see some blood. I dont mean violence just for the sake of violence but just a little touch of adult aimed action rather then family safe, watered down, ho hum, crap. I really hope Core lets the movie makers take off the kid gloves and give us a movie with some bite to it. What do you think???

By the way...check out this website...it's really cool!!!


3rd Oct 2002, 20:30
Hey, that website My Pet Skeleton isn't cool at all, its inspired. I love that type of art and I wish the pics were bigger cos they'd make great desktop pics. ;)

EDIT>>> WOW, there's a lot more to this site than I first thought, It has desktop size pics and screensavers (downloading now)
This site is not to be missed; truly ;)

3rd Oct 2002, 21:11
That website is really cool!:cool:

I dont think TR should be rated R because then the audience that is able to watch it is smaller...so thats why they rate it PG-13 to attract a wider range of audience;)

3rd Oct 2002, 21:17
that.........was a really disturbing site.

3rd Oct 2002, 22:27
Originally posted by Kat
that.........was a really disturbing site.

Hello Kat, I must admit it was weird, however it did remind me of a cross between Tim Burtons 'Edward Scissorhand', 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Nightmare Before Christmas' all of which were highly entertaining. ;) :) and just in time for halloween.

I would suggest a ;) warning that it is not for everyone, however quite harmless.

4th Oct 2002, 00:49
i hope the movie isnt rated R!!!!!!! then i woulndt be able to watch it!!!!!!!!!:( :( :eek:

4th Oct 2002, 07:33
Sadly your aim was wrong....the TR games have a VERY large audience amongst the 13 and under crowd.

To sustain the image they created in the games, its very unlikely Core would allow an R-rated movie...it does tend to be Box Office death for movies like this, and Directors will strive to avoid that rating where possible in favour of bigger bucks.

And it's not what TR is about.