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3rd Jun 2012, 15:27
I really enjoyed I.U. Unfortunately, I really think that this game was under rated.

It got really fun after about 2 hours into the game.

7th Jun 2012, 16:45
I agree. The combat was very fresh compared to the traditional rpgs. The story wasn't serious either but more laid back. Overall a great game and for only $15 right now a nice investment.

18th Jan 2015, 02:23
They should really make this game for pc. :)

1. Classic game i loved when i was young.
2. Everyone has asked for it for pc.
3. Square Enix could make money off of this game(just being ported to pc)

I really hope we can get this game on pc. And on steam. I'll buy it even at 20-30 dollars.

Square Enix it is a good way to get money. And get people happy :)

Comment if you agree :thumbsup:

18th Jan 2015, 09:15
It would be great if they port it to PC.

21st Jan 2015, 12:50
Infinite Undiscovery : :group_hug: