View Full Version : Girls, Girls, Girls Scenerio, HELP!

3rd Oct 2002, 15:21
This is a hard scenerio, as soon as I am thrown into the scenerio there's about 15 people leaving, I can't get people to stay, and there is only like 5 people coming in to my resort every drop off time. I don't have a problem with the totty, the highest of romps I've had was about 20, but it won't go any higher, any suggestions as to what to build and tear down first? I've must have tried to complete this scenerio about 30 times, SOMEONE HELP!:confused:

8th Oct 2002, 21:45
I would tear down the buildings that appeal to men at first. You can see the building appeal according to males and females when you click on them. Amusement Arcades, beach equipment rentals are more for males.
Then start building the stuff that women like, beach furniture shack and showers are good one and also relatively cheaper. Casinos, jakuzzis... women like! Be careful though, if you build too much female stuff then women start to complain that there is not enough men around. So after you have enough women, start building things that appeal to both genders.
Increasing the overall appeal can help too, build up the scenery. The totty eventually will go up, probably in your case it got stuck at 20 because you didn't have enough women.
Hope it helps!

13th Oct 2002, 16:04