View Full Version : DromEd 1: How do I make an icy slope like in Down Into the Maw of Chaos?

3rd Oct 2002, 14:51
All I see is a bunch of rooms labeled, "Slope" "Top of slope" "Foot of slope," etc.

How do I do this?

3rd Oct 2002, 21:45
just make the brushes in a way that garrett wont die sliding down them, and use the icy textures from the maw family

3rd Oct 2002, 22:23
You mean just make the brushed slope steep enough that he has to slide down it? That is, I could do it with window textures if I wanted?

No special effects or settings needed?


4th Oct 2002, 02:51
garrett tends to slide on the icy texture, i used it in dread and yes you slide pretty fast haha... i had an idea that got cut from dread where garett goes sliding down one long tunnel and auto lights come on and off as he passes them...sorta like a huanted house. i scrapped it as my storyline developed along...anyway i dunno if garrett would slide down a window texture unless you set that texture to be like the icy ones....i would make a wedge very steep so that when you go over that edge you would begin to slide just like in the maw....ive played a couple fms where there were some very steep tunnels(apaches the keep comes to mind) and you slide down that one in the keep just from the incline.

6th Oct 2002, 08:45
Think roof tiles. Some roof textures you can climb up, others you will always slide off (like in the training mission).

Must be part of the texture properties.