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THE True Lara
3rd Oct 2002, 10:53
I was just wondering if anyone had bought the latest edition of the PS2 Play TV mag.?

It says Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness exclusive but, har har har, that's what they always say, and for once I'd like to know if it's any good before I waste 4 quid on it just to find it's only the interview with Jill de Jong. :(


3rd Oct 2002, 11:32
Just rip the bag open in the shop and have a shufty inside.....

THE True Lara
3rd Oct 2002, 12:59
you two are incorigable!

.............I may try that later;)

THE True Lara
4th Oct 2002, 10:41
I sucumbed.
Since the AOD bit was on the DVD I couldn't really examine the goods before I bought -that would have been called shoplifting.

You can see the results here;