View Full Version : Technical difficulties - Please help

3rd Oct 2002, 01:39
I have a problem running SR2 on my computer... it starts up, but after about a minute, it either hard locks or hangs. I tried reinstalling the game, but that didn't work. My game version is 1.02. It has worked in the past with no troubles...

System stats are:

Windows ME
1333 Mgz Athlon
Geforce 2 SH pro with 30.82 drivers
Sound Blaster Ensoniq Audio PCI 512
VIA motherboard
256 megs pc133 memory
40 gigabyte western hard drive

Any clues?

3rd Oct 2002, 01:42
Check the sticky topic at the top of this forum.

Do you have DirectX 8.1 installed?

3rd Oct 2002, 01:58
I have directx 8.1 but I'm going to reinstall / overwrite to 8.1b. Sigh...

3rd Oct 2002, 02:09
Tried that, didn't work.

3rd Oct 2002, 02:18
Wow.. new error..

It reads:

Ddhelp has caused an error in <unknown>
Ddhelp will now close.

If you continue to experiance problems, try restarting your computer.

5th Oct 2002, 18:02
Hah! Fixed it... runs like a dream.
It was bad motherboard drivers...