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2nd Oct 2002, 20:52
The new tomb raider movie is supposed to be set in china, yet i read the other day that they're filming those particular scenes in WALES! i didn't know that Wales lookes particularly oriental.

Also the opening scene sounds pretty good - an earthquake causes a lost city to rise from the ocean! cool

3rd Oct 2002, 01:27
They had the idea to put China into the first TR movie, but it wasn't going to work for them at that time. They were going build the Great Wall over in England. Then it just didn't make the cut or something...

3rd Oct 2002, 07:38
They were denied permission to film in China.

And they only need it for the cold looking misty hills.....

3rd Oct 2002, 08:25
Originally posted by DaveJ
They were denied permission to film in China.

Of course and you can't really blame them, now can you? After Lara Croft blew up the Chinese wall in TRII, I'd be furious and awfully cautious too when I'd see her coming back again! :D

THE True Lara
3rd Oct 2002, 08:31
and the mortar's still fresh as well.........