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2nd Oct 2002, 11:55
in reached chapter 3

saved slot is city 30%

there is a lift
when i press the switch it moves up

i placed the moved block over it

i went up

i don,t know where to go
pls help me

Umah Bloodomen
2nd Oct 2002, 12:21
Before going up, stand to the side of the metal slide. It will begin to glow white indicating you can move it. Push it away from the lift and towards the ladder.

Hop over the slide and climb up the ladder. Kill the thieves and wak to the other side of the room and push the crate off the lift. It will miss the slide alltogether and break a hole in the floor. (Which you want to enter).

Good luck.

6th Oct 2002, 09:17
u really give me the correct answer

thk u very much

Umah Bloodomen
6th Oct 2002, 09:19
Originally posted by james
u really give me the correct answer

thk u very much

Why would I not give you (or anyone else for that matter) the correct solution? :confused: :p

Glad I could help, james.

24th Dec 2004, 06:36
just i can move one crate and i cant fall anywhere and i cant any other box in the room i m totaly stuck i canot go anywhere