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2nd Oct 2002, 05:26
this game lack quick save option

i saved at den 95%
i reached the reddressed vampire with a sword
but after defeated when i reload my save slot the sword is gone

how to defeat him

i lost there nearly 15 times
pls some one provide me tips

by the game is nice &cool

keep it up

2nd Oct 2002, 05:28
Saved games do not save weapons or rage.

Block his attacks and dodge his red attacks, then use fury until he runs away.

Hide in the mist to the side of the fire thing he is on then flip the switch.

When he jumps at you, run, then hit him.

2nd Oct 2002, 05:36
*gah! you beat me to it!*

I died numerous times before I figured out to beat him at his own game. You don't need a sword to kill his sorry @$$. Oh, and the game will never save the weapon you had at the time - there are just too many weapons possible and different stats of each *about to break or not* to save it all. Elsewise it would take a whole lot more memory to save.

What you gotta do is *first put on fury* block his attacks, dodge the last red one, then use fury to ***** slap him real good. Do this a couple times... I think three, then he'll go to the next room and you follow him there. The room has four furnaces, which he will jump to. There's mist around the corners of the room, use this to your advantage. If he sees you he'll throw a fire bomb at you. If you get too close to him and he can see you, he'll jump to another furnace. Use mist to sneek up to the furnace he's at, flip the switch, burn his sorry @$$, and repeat. Do this three or four times then he'll get rid of the mist in the room. I suggest getting in the corner of the room so you have a view of the entire room. Get ready for him to come down from the rafters/chains/ whatever and dash at you. Do not block, you must dodge. He'll run right into the wall and then take this chance to hit him upside the head for all the trouble he's causing you. Repeat until he's good and dead! Enjoy!

2nd Oct 2002, 05:51
this forum is great i got replys in seconds thks

4th Oct 2002, 00:16
It saves it if u have the soul reaver :)

4th Oct 2002, 07:21
It saves it if u have the soul reaver
Yeah, I saw this on multiple threads, so I´ll risk the excommunication from these forums by sidetracking to satisfy my curiosity :p : How can you get the Soul Reaver in BO2?

4th Oct 2002, 19:23
Umm... theres a cheat u can put in but i can't remember it without getting my BO2 game cos i wrote it in the back of the book. U get the Soul Reaver and the Iron Armour from BO1. The Soul Reaver kicks ass!!! Its 3x harder than most weapons and can't be destroyed... Yay! and it looks so cool when u get a box with a wepaon power up in. u draw it and the reaver goes all purple.... :D