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1st Oct 2002, 23:43
Regarding V drivers, DX and other install/uninstall info

http://www.directxbuster.de/index_e.html This link is to DXbuster and has info on using the app and other DX info.

Uninstall your old drivers with the Control panel, or the Uninstall on the CD having your drivers.

You can also use REGCLEAN or REGEDIT through the RUN menu if you want. This info can be found here on this forum.

This a general discussion forum, and you can use the SEARCH at the bottom of any of the threads to find UNINSTALL in that particular forum or thread. You don't need to register to read OR SEARCH. Only to post.


Look for this thread

Rage3D Discussion Area » ATI Technology Forum » General Radeon Discussion » Are we wasting our time when uninstalling driver?

Install the NEW DRIVERS for your device(s). If it asks you for DX to be installed and it is a version such as 5 or 6 let it install. When you install the LATEST version of DX you want or need, DX will overwrite any files it needs to update DX.

If you have a new V driver or Sound card installed, DX buster will ONLY REMOVE DX info. If you updated your drivers they will not be hurt.

2nd Oct 2002, 02:57
OH Man...now I'm even more worried than before regarding the installation of the Cat drivers. I've been scouring that site in several forums and geez some of the troubles ppl been having using the various Cat versions and ATI various cards, etc. Now I'm not so sure about putting them in...Vid drivers specifically. Even with clean installs...problems, problems :( Then plus the problem of MS/ATI no longer supporting W9X and these later drivers and/or card I have although ver. 9062's are supposed to be usable? Then also seeing problems relating to some ppl losing their MMC panel/icons and all the hassle you have to go thru to reinstall them :( On top of that...since I have Powerstrip and the tweaks I did with it for ATI's card...I would lose that too with a complete uninstall it would seem as well!

I guess this will possibly knock this thread over to tech...but since we've had a discussion regarding this issue..I thought I would put this info out as well as to the "not so simple upgrade I thought I might have" :( I may just give this up for now other than maybe going forth with DX8.1 and burn a CD with NOLF2 and some other stuff and just forget it for now. I can't afford to have a system crash per se. Yes, I have also considered making another full updated system restore (which I really should do anyway) and maybe that would help if I should get into real trouble? Have to think about that a little more first.

So thanks for all the assist in the meantime. Good Hunting!

2nd Oct 2002, 03:11
The Catalyst drivers are not downward compatible with all ATI boards. From about 7500 through 8500DVD there have been problems.

With my AIW 8500 128, there is NO win9X support at all and the 8500DV and new 9000 are not 9x compatible. Must be 2000 or XP for these.

Really burns me as the 8500 series was started as 98 compatible and then within a month they stopped support for 9X on these.

2nd Oct 2002, 03:50
That is really sad you know? hmmm...wonder what's going to happen now and our new games we really do want in the near future? They're even having some serious problems with the new 9700 and 9000 :( and the newest drivers for them, etc. I'm sure they'll have fixes for those since they are the new baby in town...but geez..you'll have to practically have a whole new system to support it all! Ka ka doo doo is all I can say right now!

Ta and Good Hunting!