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1st Oct 2002, 22:46
.....before I've even started. ;)

Your FM summary notes section says you use a custom dark.cfg file and to not save unless the player wants to keep this custom file. Do I need to make a copy of my dark.cfg file before playing this ? Since it's an undead mission I'm sure I'll need to save a lot. Didn't know if this issue was fixed in your later update to the mission. I thought Darkloader fixed all this custom gamesys/cfg stuff anyway so that your default files are always put back when you play the next mission requiring them. :)

2nd Oct 2002, 02:34
move your dark.cfg file to a differnet folder, then run darkloader. the custom dark.cfg will overwrite what you have now. i put that warning there mostly for other dromeders to be aware of it but you also need to back up the file before playing :)

2nd Oct 2002, 05:48

I heard this same warning on another mission -- I think it was the first version of The Seventh Crystal. It turned out, for that mission, that it was not necessary to take that precaution because darkloader restored the original file successfully. Did you check it out to see?


Better safe than sorry.:)

2nd Oct 2002, 12:51
I've played Dread without backing anything up and my other missions ran just fine afterwards. The same thing with the 7th Crystal, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. :)

2nd Oct 2002, 22:34
a long time ago in a land far away..no wait thats not right :D

seriously the newer version(s) of darkloader may back up the file and restore it. at the time that i was building dread, i was using version 3.7? or something like that. while building it, i d/led oblivion which uses this exact dark.cfg. what this thing does is makes the hit points and light gem smaller( ihave no idea why wrichards wanted to do that) anyway i played oblivion and then when i went back to work on dread, my level was saved with that dark.cfg file and wouldnt run without it. thats why i put the warning in back then to tell everyone that this thing may overwrite your original and of course you may not like this revision haha.....so there ya have it thats the story behind the file :)