View Full Version : Energy > 100,000 per collector

1st Oct 2002, 19:17
So in running a few large stations, I noticed that at some point (usually after occupying more than half a torus) my energy would just start going through the roof. Up into the millions. Before that I could get a little over 100,000 per collector, and it would eventualy bleed back down to 100,000 per collector.

Is this bleed rate a constant, and I'm just making E at a rate that exceeds this bleed rate. That would certainly explain things. Question is, whether or not the bleed rate relative to the ratio of total E to number of collectors. I.e. once I'm earning faster than the bleed rate, can I just scrap the extra collectors and free up a bunch of sub_deck space?

Oh, and I've only played up as far as 3 million E. Does it 'wrap around' eventually? :-)

1st Oct 2002, 21:58
Each energy collecter can hold either 50 mega units, 100 MUs or 200 MUs. Depending on how much you selected at the beggining of the game, for official missions the defealt is 100MUs.

The "Bleed" rate is constant and if you are out earning it then It will continue to grow and you can scrap spare collectors. Although I think there is a bug were if you go over E999,999,999 the game crashes. I'm not sure though.

3rd Oct 2002, 05:59
I think the e counter does wrap around. I think I've hit 11,000,000e on my "perfect" station. (I hate to say it but I need to design a more perfect one. There's not enough facilities.) It's only got 15 collectors with capacities of 200,000e each. That makes 3,000,000e storage capacity. I can't be sure though. So it can't be 1,000,000e I'm storing because then I wouldn't have bleed.